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This Saturday, there will be a lucky winner of the SocaDemons Raffle off for an UberSoca Cruise experience!  The best soca experience beyond the music! All you have to do is purchase a raffle ticket for $20.  Whether you purchase the ticket over the phone or get one from a SocaDemon associate in person, you'd be covered.
Should you elect to purchase your ticket over the phone, your name and phone number would be written on the back of the bottom portion of the ticket and kept for the drawing. Should you come to the SocaDemons Brunch, you can purchase tickets there or prepurchase raffle tickets by calling (954) 805-1410 or (954) 681-8394.
Although this is a SOLD OUT event, you still have a chance to board the boat! Here are a few of the questions asked of this raffle.

  • Is this for real? YES!
  • Do I have to pay ANYTHING? No. NOTHING is due once you claim your winning ticket.
  • Would I have to pay taxes? No. NOTHING is due once you claim your winning ticket.
  • Would I have to pay to change a name? Only if you want to change the name after you've submitted your name to SD Promotions (SocaDemons Promotions).  
  • What is this room worth? Over $3,000! IT'S A SUITE!
  • What boat is it? It's on boat 1.
  • Can I bring a friend? No. This raffle is only for single occupancy.
  • Will airfare be included? No.
  • Will hotel be included? No.
  • Are there any age restrictions? Yes,  winner/person winner elects to use the wining ticket must be 18 years and over.
  • Will WiFi be included? No but can be included before boarding the boat or on the boat.
The winner would be getting the full experience of the UberSoca Cruise for the whopping price of $20. You can't beat it. Get your raffle ticket now and hope for the best!




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