Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Plunge baby, Hurricane Matthew tried to stop you?  Like they didn't know how serious this thing called carnival is to we as a Caribbean people?  Despite all the warnings and category 4 they claimed on you; you didn't expect for the locals to secure their homes, buy their water, then dress an come to the fete anyway?! 

Everyone held their breath, glued to television sets just waiting to be updated hourly on the status of Hurricane Matthew.  After all, Plunge was an advertised outdoor event.  Up until Wednesday evening flights were delayed and cancelled coming into Fort Lauderdale and Miami International Airports.  People were doing everything short of selling body parts to fly standby on Wednesday.  The urgency to get here by Wednesday was put in place by the news/media outlets as they scheduled to close all South Florida airports on Thursday. GASP! 

While every carnival junkie watched the weather, I was smiling. Call it what you want, gut or intuition, I was right. I've said it repeatedly over the carnival season that I believe firmly in what David Rudder said about God being a Trini and he wasn't going to allow a total shut down of the Miami Carnival nor all the fetes associated with it.  When Thursday morning approached. as expected the airports closed and all flights coming in and out of Fort Lauderdale, Miami and West Palm Beach were cancelled.  It didn't stop my momentum or discourage me, I got dressed as if it were a regular Thursday morning.

My guests from Trinidad, along with my husband were hesitant but they trusted my judgement and we were off. We drove from Broward County to the venue (Miami) with NO TRAFFIC, it was wonderful.  When we got to the venue and saw all the cars parked outside we felt better.  It was confirmation that we were not the only crazy people attempting to party with a category 4 hurricane at our doorstep.

Again, no line.
Upon entry, we were given our signature Plunge cups and were on our way.

Once 'inside' (because the fete was outdoors), I started looking for my curry crab and dumplin' as that was more than half the reason I purchased a ticket! *If you haven't figured it out by now, I absolutely LOVE MY BELLY! Anyways, I didn't see any. Off in the distance I did see some food set up but the rain was falling off and on and didn't want to venture in it to be disappointed and the liquor was sharing where I was so.... the liquor won, I stayed put.

I saw many familiar faces as well as some new ones which is always good.  The crowd wasn't thick but there were way more people than expected considering the circumstance.  Again, I didn't pay much attention to who played what or when but I do remember Eruption High Power and Eternal Vibes.  
Army Boyz Clem (WFYG Bandit)
DCARNIVALBABY, Josya and Sue (WFYG Bandits)
The rain.
Water fell from the sky but it was a mere drizzle.  It drizzled off and on and because I was prepared for it, didn't mind getting wet.  The rainfall actually added to the excitement and the majority of the attendees enjoyed it.  There were the few that hid under the shelter but the majority handled the rain like bosses. 

The bottle service was a nice touch.  Along with purchasing bottles, sexy bartenders stayed for a while and mixed drinks.  I don't know if this service would have been any different with a larger crowd but it was certainly a nice touch and I appreciated it.

While inside the fete, the news spread quickly that Broward County had closed all roads....
Broward County officially closed ALL ROADS AND MAJOR HIGHWAYS in Broward County!
Do you remember where I said we drove from?
We needed to get home! 
When the news got to me, I decided to stay.  I mean, whether I left now or in the next hour the roads would have still been "closed" and I would just have to take my chances with the law.  What's done is done, the roads were already closed so whether we stayed or left at that point we were already defying the law and hell, the vibes were nice so......we stayed.  

When we did leave, we were adrenaline filled so I recorded a Facebook Live! In the live feed our vibes can be seen, I briefly showed the 'closed roads' as we drove through them and there was definitely some crazy commentary.   Plunge had a vibe that we didn't want to end so (as stated in the video) we headed to Joy's Roti shop to continue the bacchanal. 

All in all, I'd definitely do Plunge again.  So far, I was having a wonderful Miami carnival season and my fete/party choices were the right ones!  To watch our Facebook Live video, you can click 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


The original post scheduled for today about Plunge has been postponed and is now scheduled for tomorrow morning at 6 am.  I've pushed it back because I feel this post was necessary.  With today being Election day, I've decided to say a LITTLE something concerning your votes.  I've stayed noticeably quiet when coming to this presidential election for a reason.  Reason being, I see things differently from the majority and it has nothing to do with me being ashamed or embarrassed but more to do with not having the energy to prove my point or enlighten people to my truths as they are mine.

We are living in an age where knowledge is literally at our fingertips by the world wide web accessible through our smart phones.  These phones are never separated from us, they're like our second skin yet people continue to follow like sheep and keep themselves uneducated.  We are to prove all things and retain facts.  There are those that benefit and rely on the people remaining in this zombie like state, who just do what they're told without fact checking or educating themselves. It has been proven on countless occasions that mainstream media in America can not be trusted as they make blatant attempts to lead the people down their rabbit holes of twisted and distorted information.

As I listen to people and read where I can, I'm seeing that everyone is discussing this election and the majority seem confused.  There should be no confusion.  If you make a conscience attempt to seek your own knowledge, the truth is there to be found.  How crazy can one be to vote in the most important presidential election in history while they're confused?  How can one go on to vote so blindly?  How are you voting just because of what you heard?  That is nuts!  I can not and actually WILL NOT direct you to any particular person or link as it would be painfully obvious who I have already voted for and I don't want anyone to believe that this post is any way attempting to sway anyone to vote for who I'm hoping to become president of this nation.  What I am trying to do through this post is encourage you to stop being sheep and to actually do something constructive with your smart phones while you wait on the line today.  Educate yourselves!!!

Today is Election Day.
Let your voice be heard.
The polls are now open.
Do the right thing and let your vote count.
Whether you know it or not, your vote and the outcome of THIS presidential election is going to have serious rippling affects and those affects go past the United States of America.  It determines what happens throughout the WORLD.


Monday, November 7, 2016


Bon Ami
Bon Ami
Bon Ami
What can I say about thee...

When the idea came to Cindy (the creator of this event and owner of Cin City Entertainment) to do this event, the word had been spread that Bacchanal Wednesday was cancelled, so she thought this would be a great alternative but she quickly learned how things change in a matter of moments. With Bacchanal Wednesday actually still on and 'Hurricane Matthew' lurking there were many challenges.

Signature cups were advertised to be given away upon entry until the supply last. Needless to say, I never received a cup.  I'm not too sure if they went fast or if I was just that late.  We will not 'discuss' how or why I got to the event a little past half past 1 am but I did and by that hour,  they were gone.... Poor me, I was still expecting one.  I walked through the fete literally giving people I saw drinking in them the side eye.  I know to get there earlier next year.

There were friends waiting for me in front of the venue so I had to be dropped off as the hubby parked the car.  Now, I don't know if where he parked was more crowded but from the looks of things where I was standing, it didn't seem like there were many people inside.  There was no line (which is always a plus for me) and a couple of people outside loitering.  As I approached the front door, I became confused.  The music was playing yet I didn't hear the echoing sound one would hear from the inside of an empty fete.  The ticket and wristband exchange was done quickly, I'd say less than a minute and inside I went.  Once inside, the fete was packed! Not shoulder to shoulder, sweat box, Brooklyn basement packed but comfortably packed.

The crowd was spirited.
No boring people.
Clem of The Original Army Boyz and DCARNIVALBABY
Cindy of Cin City Ent and Clem of Army Boyz
It felt like everyone was there to have a good time and free up themselves.  Drinks were priced right and not watered down like I've been experiencing lately and the vibes was just as the party was named....  A party with good friends.  Everyone knew everyone and and who didn't know you came with someone who did.  No one was leaned up on the wall waiting for the next person to dance, dancing without judgments nor a care in the world and that's how I like to party.  The absolute worst 'fete feeling' [for me] is to be in a fete and feel to dance and can't/don't because no one else is dancing because the minute you step out, everyone begins to watch like you're crazy.  It's really High School.  What else does everyone go for? Not to dance?  Thankfully there was none of that there and those are the vibes I'd like to see more at some of these parties in South Florida.

Giselle 'The Wassi One' hosted the event and the DJ's were Powerhouse, Code Red, Trini D Fyah Truck, Platinum Sounds and Eternal Vibes. Survivor Sounds was carded but I never saw him.  As I type, I've only now paid attention to the list of DJ's and I'm in awe...with the exception of Platinum Sounds, Cindy managed to not only pull off a great fete but she managed to do so with a local cast. Impressive.  Promoters, take note.

The music was nicely mixed.  One thing that grinds my gears is to hear the same music from each DJ and with the amount of them carded for the night, it would be easy to repeat a couple.  Surprisingly it didn't happen and it didn't happen because each DJ knew that if this played already, to play that or maybe even those. I won't lie to you and speak on what happened before 1:30 because I wouldn't have a clue but after that, was great.  No credit can be given to any DJ in particular because after getting there, drinks and dancing was a must and I had to make up for lost time.  I didn't pay attention to who played or when.  The one song that did play multiple times was Angela Hunte's Bon Ami.  Considering the fete is named Bon Ami, I think we could give Bon Ami (the fete) a pass.  As it was the theme of the fete, I believe it was done intentionally.  The last time that chune played, I grabbed my good friends and we danced in a circle...that is feting. That is an amazing time with true friends.  Especially as these friends came all the way from New York and Trinidad.

What few people didn't get a chance to experience closer to the end was Peter Wildfire (I guess that's how you say/spell it), Lyrical, Voice and DJ Stephens. There were performances and photo ops because none of them came on any superstar status, they came to fete with their good friends.  What "I" didn't experience was the food.  There was inclusive food.  Yes,  food included at that price!!! There was rice and peas/peleau, geera turkey and chicken catered by Sweet Hand Kathy and Sybil's Bakery provided jerk chicken, veggie lo mein and pone.  From what friends told me the food was warm as well as tasty.  I've eaten from Kathy already so that was a given and Sybil's Bakery is Jamaican owned so I know that jerk chicken was boss.  If only I could have experienced it....

This party was up against many odds and it turned out to be the success I hoped it would be. So if you want a party with a cool scene, mad vibes, no fashion parade, overly flashy clothing or 5 inch heels, Bon Ami is your best bet.  Two things I know for a fact is that 1, next year once God spare life....I'm in Bon Ami and 2, I will be there at a reasonable hour to receive my cup!


Monday, October 31, 2016



It's quite the coincidence that this blog be written the day of Halloween seeing that it's partly the celebration of the dead because I, the spirit of DCARNIVALBABY is writing her blog today as she in fact died on Saturday.  I don't know where she got the idea to play young knowing full well she can't manage.  Well, she made the grave mistake of attending the bus ride held by #TeamKelz to Key West for their Fantasy Fest parade and she just..........
never made it back.  There is nothing but her shell and me, her spirit left.  Her hands, ache.  Her legs, sore.  The sole of her feet, numb. Her neck, damn near broken. Head, throbbing.  Voice, gone.  Down to her fingers hurt.  How do fingers hurt? Let me backtrack. 

When DCARNIVALBABY first saw the flyer, she was excited seeing as she's never been to Key West.  Ever.  Everything was set up in two two's and all she had to do was wait for Saturday morning.
That morning was drama but she was determined.  There was who didn't want to sleep and stayed up drinking, who was nursing a hangover, those who forgot to sleep and the one who got lost.  Thank God #TeamKelz knows the crowd they were dealing with and never left at the advertised time (which was 6:30).  She pulled up with Lucky, her brother from another mother, her Dominican friend/sister Saphire and some friends.  The combination alone was mad, then to meet up with PJ an Kelz smh.

The original plan was to pack all headpieces and backpacks under the bus then catch about an hour or two nap (seeing as she is the one who forgot to sleep the night before).  *Little did she know that under the bus would have been the only place on that bus to get sleep.  Needless to say, the nap never happened because the bus was pumping by 7:30.  The music was played by PJ, Lucky was on drums and Kelz was the emcee.  Somewhere around 8:30/8:45 the bus pulled off (or so they were told) 'cause between the drinks, food and one bothered to check the time.

As the bus pulled off Simi started serving a variety of finger foods.  It was a good idea to serve the types of food they did because it helped to soak up the fruit flavored alcohol Popsicle's, the liquor being being consumed and there was still a very long way to go.  Simi.....  She's a sweetheart but every single time Simi got out of her seat, she had a tray.  From about 7:30ish til the bus parked in the parking lot in Key West, Ms Simi and her team of fat food distributors handed out:
  • Fruity Popsicle's with alcohol (I need DCARNIVALBABY to get that recipe.
  • Roast bake with buljol (saltfish mixed with tomato, onion and seasonings of choice)
  • Cheese paste sandwiches
  • Pastries from Vicky's (guava, meat,etc)
  • Chicken Peleau (Rice, stewed chicken and pigeon peas cooked down in seasonings and coconut milk) that's the best description I could give.
  • Tub of fruit (fruits soaked in everyone's drinks)
  • Home made orange/grapefruit juice
 People were supposed to eat the fruits for their nutritional value and keep the energy levels up......meanwhile they soaked them in their drinks.  The bin started off three quarters full of fruits.  Could you imagine the amount of 'nutrition' they got?
It's as if they didn't care that the ladies on the bus had carnival costumes to change into because the food kept coming and DCARNIVALBABY ain't like nothing better.  She didn't let a tray pass. As you received your second drink, your first cup was discarded and replaced with a #TeamKelz Ent souvenir cup.  Great touch for a bus ride!  DCARNIVALBABY is sentimental like that and saves everything so I know she was pleased.

Once the bus got to Key West everyone jumped off and scattered like ants.  The bus cleared out quickly which was fine, here is where DCARNIVALBABY started feeling the effects of those soaked fruits in the alcohol so she changed on her own time, in peace as she and her friends got their Jones.   Once the changing of the clothes and the normal picture taking was over, it was time to take in some scenery. At this point, DCARNIVALBABY still had her senses but she seemed to have almost lost them when she saw Santa Claus...
The parade begins at 7pm (white people time) so by 7:40 when they met the #TeamKelz truck the parade had already started. I remember her thinking that the music was low and the same some song on repeat and not understanding why.  It was when the truck actually hit the road the music turned up, DJ Back To Basics engaged the crowd and the songs started to roll out.  It was like nothing she'd seen before.  The spectators actually stayed behind their barricades while the masqueraders reveled in the road.  It got a little cramped because people who came down on buses that know the routine, didn't care about letting the masqueraders play the ass their mas on the road.  Somehow however, it worked. It wasn't overbearing and there was ample space for masquerader and vagabond alike lol.  

I will fill you in on a little secret.  Don't tell her I told you all but, she was disappointed with the way Back To Basics played which is surprising because she normally loves the set and this was the first time she was disappointed.  Imagine, she and her friends were putting on quite the show for some spectators when "Freaky Girls" started to play when all of a sudden there was talking.  Then some more talking.  Next thing you know, "Freaky Girls" finished playing.  The ladies stood up like statues waiting for the pull up but there wasn't one. They played the biggest chune for the Miami Carnival season, talked straight through it and never replayed it...WHERE DO THEY DO THAT?!  At this point, DCARNIVALBABY was done and just chipped for the remaining of the route.  When the parade was over, it was abrupt.  There was an announcement that the parade was over and we were in the middle of the road like rubbish.  The police made the sound cut completely off and were instructed to say no more.  The masqueraders and vagabond alike all looked lost.  If they weren't, they looked it.  They had to all walk back to the bus, with no direction or music.  I believe that is where I took over and DCARNIVALBABY checked out.

Once back on the bus, there came Simi again with food.  Food? People wanted to make one with the inside of their eyelids and didn't care for food but some of the greedy bandits STILL ate.  (DCARNIVALBABY included) I wouldn't name any names but some people fell asleep while eating.  Aye, that bus was vibes!!!

All in all, I believe that once #TeamKelz is having another ride next year [please God] she's there because the vibes on the bus alone is enough inspiration to go back.  As for her lifeless body, we will see when or if it revives.  One piece of advice, if you don't have the vibes or the stamina, #TeamKelz bus is not for you! For any and all things #TeamKelz, you can always log on to the TeamKelz Entertainment Website,!

Hope I did well in her absence.

Monday, October 24, 2016


Good day all!

How art thou?
Laughing to self.

It was a long Miami carnival season and I am pleased to announce that I made it!

I can also tell everyone that I TOLD YOU SO, Hurricane Matthew did not make it! I have a lot to discuss concerning the carnival season from the start which was kiddies carnival and SEV3N to SSSBlue and my official last lap, the Breast Cancer walk downtown Miami with team D'Limers. Only thing is it can get lengthy so I will divide everything into separate blogs.

First was the kiddies carnival in the day and SEV3N later that night.  Both events will be in this blog as they were both on the same day and what I have to say can fit into one blog post.

Let me begin by saying that the kiddies carnival was moved from the Sunday before the adult carnival to the day before, Saturday.  The reasons given were good and I support their decision 100%. The reason for the change was that children and adults alike who either partake or spectate at the event are not tired but damn tired.  For a child to stand up, wine, sit down, whatever it is that they do in the hot sun is torture and takes a toll on their little bodies.  Then the adults are running behind children, drinking and having a time themselves.  By the time everyone is settled on a Sunday night, it's level sleep and I'm guessing that over the years like clockwork parents were not taking their children to school on time if at all the following Monday morning. It's so bad that for the past two years the Broward County school board has made automated phone calls reminding parents that children need to come to school and to be on time the week of.  I kid you not.  I get them. So for all that didn't know, now you know.  I'm all for progression and elevation of our culture but education is key! We can't interfere with that.

The children looked lovely.  From the ones reaching me at eye level to the youngest which were the babies dressed in full costume still in hand. The amount of children that I've seen however still troubles me.  Being that the carnival was held on a Saturday opposed to the Sunday, I expected to see more children on the 'road' but I'd say it was pretty much the same attendance as the previous years.  How do we as a people expect the culture to continue if we don't involve our children?  Children are curious.  They'd ask questions about the carnival and that's a perfect opportunity to teach the youth correctly.  Not have them believe that carnival is strictly pretty mas, wine, jam and alcohol.  They should learn from now starting with the kiddies carnival.  Smh, moving on.

My children enjoyed themselves to the max for their little carnival and although I wanted them to tell me how tired they were so we could leave and I could run to SEV3N, I stayed with them until they were content.  After all, it's their day and no one could get me off the road when I'm playing my mas. 

After driving home we quickly got ready for SEV3N.

Driving to SEV3N's venue was funny.  We thought the GPS was wrong because we got to a residential area, it was quiet and there were high beams used as street lights were almost nonexistent and I swear I expected Freddie Krueger to jump out those bushes.  The place was dark.  Perfect location for a Halloween fete. Once we got closer and saw the cars parked all how on the people grass, we agreed that we were at the right place and as we walked the sound of sweet soca music was the confirmation.

While walking, I remembered thinking that Jamdong locked a beautiful venue.  Unfortunately time was against me with the kiddies carnival and all so I got there roughly an hour before the party ended. For that time I basically mingled with some friends but from what I heard and videos I've seen, many people had a great time.  Florida - WFYG Bandits, rocked in that pool.  Wished more people took advantage of that pool cause I was dressed for it.  The set up of the speakers could have been done differently and caused a slight disconnect between the dj's and patrons but that is something for management to consider for next year if that's the venue for SEV3N 2017.  At the end of the day, what's done is done and gone already.  SEV3N is the event to jump start the Miami carnival season and has made it's mark, it can only get better from here.

Seeing as the Miami Broward Carnival Committee has posted their line up for the MiamiBroward Carnival already, we can see that the kiddies carnival will now and forever be on the same Saturday. I'm hoping that the time of SEV3N can be revisited as I will want to attend (and enjoy) the entire fete but my children are not only an obligation but a priority.  

All in all, my Saturday was great, I expect to repeat next year. 
As for SEV3N, I'm hoping to see a pool again and more people in it!

Next up, CinCinEntertainment's Bon Ami.  The alternate welcome to Miami fete!

Saturday, October 1, 2016




I am apart of a group that most of you know, love and are probably also a part of in one part of the world or another.  Big up WFYG!!!  The group that I'm in normally does a poll close to the weekend of who's going here and who's going there.  So naturally as I'm the excited one about SEV3N today, I was the one who asked who would be going.  The normal show of hands appeared but when I followed up with who intends on going in the pool, the rest of the group asked me what pool I was talking about. 



For the one's of you that didn't know, SEV3N WILL BE a cooler fete and there will be a pool available for use by the patrons. Unsure of why this fete wasn't promoted correctly or stressed to the public the way it needed to be but full use of the people pool is expected. From the beginning of the fete to the very end, we expect that pool to be lit!

Unfortunately the flyer that was heavily rotated is the one shown below but the original was of one with everyone inside of a pool.  I wasn't too sure if this was intentionally done or this flyer rotated more because it was more catchy but the word didn't get out as I believed it did.  After seeing this flyer, I made a phonecall to "Jamdong Management" directly.  I was assured that the pool will be open to the public and swimwear is strongly advised.  Remember, there will be prize for the woman in the sexiest swimsuit.  I already know what the prize is, so I want to see who the recipient will be and better yet what scandalous swim wear she'll be wearing.

SEV3N was created because a man named Kyle (creator of Jamdong Management) got tired of the same ole same ole.  He wanted a party with maximum vibes.   An event that would compliment chunes from yesteryear, recent and the new.  A blend of music that would leave patrons talking about the event for months. Possibly years and wanting more.  Last year was my first SEV3N and I vowed that once the Lord gave me health and strength, I was to never miss another.

For #SEV3N2016, Jamdong Management has come up with a concept that seems fitting as we are living in a female driven age.  There will be an all female cast of DJ's! 
That's what I'm talking about.  Something different.  Out the box.  Let's see what the ladies bring to the table.  In a field that is dominated by men, it should be a refreshing change. I give Jamdong their props for taking that leap of faith on these ladies.  Hope to see you tonight!

Friday, September 30, 2016


Euphoria Mas Costume distribution dates are:

Wednesday October 5th
Spirit of the Aztec (Red)
Rise of the Toltec (Orange)

Thursday October 6th
Gladiator (Purple)
Nyx (Black)
Spirit of the Comanche (Yellow)

Friday October 7th
Inca/*HORNAH (Multi-Color)
Aphrodite (Pink)
Amazon (Green)
Pick up times: 6:00 pm - 10:00pm. Distribution ends promptly at 10:15pm

Mas Camp located at:
2030 SW 71st Terr, Bay E8
Davie. 33317

If you cannot pick up your costume on your designated day, please come on Friday or call  954-610-3516 or email for an appointment



Wednesday, September 28, 2016





(If someone else is picking up on your behalf please send an email to info@genxredantzjouvert.comstating the Full name of the person with authorization to pick up. They must walk with a picture ID.


Airport Commerce Center
7500 NW 25th Street, Unit 120
Miami FL 33122


Although D'Junction is a young band in the business, their experience in mas and customer service is shows in everything they do.  This band was the first to publicly announce their distribution schedule!  No matter how young, big or small their band is, their professionalism can not be denied.  


It's almost that time, 12 days and counting!
Distribution Schedule:
Please note: If you are allowing someone else to collect your costume you must email us at prior to the individual coming to the mas camp giving us written permission to allow that individual to collect your costume. You must include in email your Full Name, Order ID, Copy of your ID, Full Name of individual collecting on your behalf and a copy of their ID.
NOTE: If you are collecting multiple costumes in different sections you must either come on the distribution date for each specific section or come on the distribution date of the section that is last on the distribution list.
Costumes will only be distributed on the assigned date for the particular section unless prior arrangements are made by contacting us.
An appointment can be made for those interested in collecting costume before 6pm. Please message 954.478.6873 for appointment
Distribution will take place at our Mas camp:
Mas Camp Address
6460 SW 15th Court
Pompano Beach, FL 33068
* Pick up of costumes outside of your assigned day will only be allowed during the last hour of the unassigned day. Sections that are assigned to a specific day will have priority in service.
* If you do not show up on your collection date and did not make prior arrangements your costume may be resold on Saturday October 8th, 2016.
Wednesday October 5th (6:00pm - 10:00pm) - Dona Maria, Rani, Maasai Warrior(Male) and JAB in DJunction (Jouvert).
Thursday October 6th (6:00pm - 10:30pm) - Nandi, Maasai Warrior(Male), and JAB in DJunction (Jouvert).
Friday October 7th (6:00pm - 11:00pm) - Zyanya, Cleopatra, Maasai Warrior(Male), and JAB in DJunction (Jouvert).
Saturday October 8th (3pm - 5:00pm) - Out of town masqueraders and costume resale
Jouvert Morning (Saturday, October 8th, 2016):
▪ The Jouvert is being held at the Broward Regional Park (3700 NW 11th Pl, Lauderhill, FL 33311).
▪ We will update our position number once its given.
▪ No under age drinking will be allowed
▪ It's going to be hot, Hydrate yourself and pace yourself especially with the drinking, you cannot drink out the drinks truck trust me it has been tried you will only ruin your day if you try.
▪ We will try to update our social media pages during the day with important information so please make sure you are following us on IG / Twitter @djunction and FB @djunctionmas
Carnival Day (Sunday, October 9th, 2016):
▪ The carnival is being held at the Miami Fair grounds (10901 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33165).
▪ Parking is Free
▪ Please meet at the staging area we will provide further details on parking and staging area once it's provided to us by the carnival committee.
▪ We recommend you arrive for 11:30 am or earlier to avoid traffic. Try not to come at 1:00 pmyou will get caught up in traffic.
▪ We are number 11 in the parade so please look for the music truck with number 11 or the D-Junction banner when you arrive at the staging area.
▪ No under age drinking will be allowed
▪ It's going to be a long day but aye it's carnival. Hydrate yourself and pace yourself especially with the drinking, you cannot drink out the drinks truck trust me it has been tried you will only ruin your day if you try. NO CRYING AH TIRED
▪ We will try to update our social media pages during the day with important information so please make sure you are following us on IG / Twitter @djunction and FB @djunctionmas
Some questions that we have been asked:
▪ Is there a limit on drinks or are you giving drink tickets - NO there is no limit on drinks, NO we are not doing drink tickets, just drink what you can handle please is all we ask.
▪ How will the food be handled - You will be provided a ticket for your food. IMPORTANT: If you lose your food ticket you will have to wait until everyone has gotten their food before you are served.
▪ What if I lose by wristband - You will have to pay $150 for another band no exceptions, yes it's a steep amount but this is for the protection of our bar and to help stop individual that want to give their band away.
▪ Can I give drinks to friends not in band - No you cannot if you are caught doing this your band will be taken away. Drinks are for our masqueraders who paid their hard earned money.

Monday, September 26, 2016


It's been a long time, hasn't it?  July 13th to be exact.  In the height of Florida band launch season... Well, what can I tell you?  I have no excuse for it other than LIFE yes.... Life has been happening and sadly, this blog has been suffering.  Not too much has been going on down here in South Florida but you know, there's always something to talk about.

This South Florida party scene is really...................... touchy (for a lack of a better word) and there is an area that I'd like to touch if I may without being crucified.

Since Trinidad carnival there have been a number of carnivals, in many countries.  True or not true? Now I am a proud Trini...Trini to d bone as the people does say but last I checked on my TeamSocaMeter, Trinidad and Tobago wasn't the only country in the Caribbean that spew soca music. Do you know how much MUSIC it have for 2016?  Out of Barbados, St Vincent and OMG G-R-E-N-A-D-A?!?!?!?!  I sit at work daily, literally killing myself with wine from morning to evening with all new soca from the PullOutBoyz. To be on such a high from Monday to Friday, the anticipation is on 1,000 and I'm actually hype to reach a fete when the weekend comes. What actually happens is I hear the same shit that I not only heard from late November last year to present but man still playin mudda cunt PALANCE!  *Sorry, I had a moment.  "Palance", "Roll It Gyal", "Jump" and the worst song known to any woman named Kim (for the obvious reasons), "Who D Hell Is Kim".  These songs should be retired until South Florida has caught up with the rest of the.....WORLD!  Save those classics for when the vibes are right or earlier in the night as warm up chunes.  At 3:45 no one should be sweaty to any of these songs.  There is entirely too much new music out there to hear and see the crowd excited to hear these songs. I'm not saying they're shit songs because they are not, they just have their time and the time is NOT NOW.  It has music to get the people familiar with. 

Last two parties I attended, BOTH parties had completely different DJ's and all the DJ's made excellent attempts of playing new music (new to South Florida because dem chune kickin up all over the place but here) but it was like beating a dead horse.  As the new music came on,  I specifically remember the DJ saying and I quote, "GET FAMILIAR" and that he had some brand new chunes to buss.  After two songs were played, it was back to the BS.  It was at that very moment that it clicked. IT'S NOT THE FAULT OF THE DJ's because they are actually trying.

DJ's:  I'm soooooo sooo sorry.  All the time I was thinking it was you all.  When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong but you too have a responsibility to continue playing those same new chunes because that's how the crowd will learn. People learn music from repetition.  Not everyone is as fortunate as I to listen through headphones all day as new chunes buss on Team Soca.  They can also be very much like me and NOT listen to all the new music on YouTube.  YouTube soca searching has no vibes in it.  It's up to you, the DJ's to MAKE them listen.  Swallow a little pride for two or three parties and unfortunately yes, see your crowds not moving. Give them a little time to get familiar.  There has to be an understanding that there are times of the year that new music comes out and true soca lovers will have to (and will) adapt.  'New York DJ's', they don't have anything different than you do. The only difference is they actually play it and don't mind if the party stop jumping two three times.  I bet you by the third time the people know the chune, love the chune and could sing most of the words...   I have sat in the houses of multiple DJ's and listened to them play exactly what I (along with others) long to hear but they just don't play it outdoors because they know the type of crowd that they're dealing with.  My suggestion:  PLAY THE CHUNES YOU HAVE STORED ON YOUR LAPTOPS!!!! I KNOW YOU HAVE IT!

An hear nah, don't try coming at me sideways when you see me..  I am just the messenger.  I am the voice of many, many maaaaany people.  Most have asked that I do this blog through voicemail, Facebook inbox messages and venting this hard truth to me in person.  This is in part the reason so many of these parties are unsuccessful, losing money, lost the vibes and are dying a slow death.

South Florida REAL TALK:  Come in close.
Now, I have nothing against outside DJ's especially the ones from New York cause I'm from there. But why allyuh feel that once an outside DJ/party (most of the time from New York) comes, it sell out?  What do you think they have that we don't?  Florida people, allyuh fighting down one another SO MUCH that you have allowed people from other states to come in and damn near taken over your fetes AN YUH CARNIVAL!!!! FACTS.  When will the presence of Florida hit the Miami Carnival again?  THE BEST FETE was at the Coconut Grove Convention Center.  Everything was Miami based.  Now what? Who from Florida actually eatin' ah food for the Miami Carnival? I can't begin to count the size of One Island Mas band NOR their jouvert!! THEY HAVE SPICE AN FREEZE INTERNATIONAL!! *OUTSIDE DJ'S.  As I said, I have nothing against people coming in but it's time for we as Floridians to step up the game.  Become more familiar with FLORIDIAN DJ's, many are quite talented.  PLAY MORE LOCAL! Patrons, GET FAMILIAR! This way you don't have to send me messages expressing your boredom, missing vibes and utter disgust. 

DJ's don't feel the patrons not talking to one another, they all agree more or less. An they also know that some of you are following orders of promoters but step out on faith....  Be proud of your craft and please the patrons. Be the ones responsible for playin dem chunes first. Bruk out the shell. Florida too 'safe'.  South Floridians too tun up as a people to be the LAST state playin these chunes man. We are the closest to the Caribbean but an like the chunes an dem fly over we head. 

Think about it. Bless. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


First let me begin with an apology.
I'm usually on time with my blog posts but life happens and when dealing with death, especially of a loved one....nothing, not even blogging about carnival costumes excited me.  Since you come here for brutal honesty, that's exactly what it is.  I just couldn't bring  myself to do it.

Party Room Squad impressed me but not for the reasons some may think.

Let's get on with it.

I don't remember the exact time I got to the venue but I got there just in time to see the show begin.. YES.  There was a SHOW!  The program that I was actually given reads: 2016 "RARE" Costume Extravaganza Launch Program.  I mean, this thing was well thought out.  That is what impressed me. For whatever the price was to enter their Costume Launch Extravaganza Launch, it was worth it. It wasn't a fete.  It was a sit down, family friendly affair that displayed costumes for the children, beating of steel pan, singing, a couple dance routines and a swimwear fashion show.  I loved and welcomed the additional entertainment.  Something different from the norm. Well received Party Room Squad!

Themes. I believe all bands should have one.  I believe I've said this thousands of times.  The generic themes bore me along with generic costumes but "RARE" has a story. Story and theme in one band! LOVE.  Although the 'name' RARE is in itself generic (as far as themes go) but the story is genius.  I just hope what the creators and I visioned is what's transpired on the road.

There are 4 sections in the band.  
Of the  sections, 1 has 3 phases and 1 has 2.
Let me explain.

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Orange
  • Red

Party Room Squad is trying to portray the joy, the beauty and the pleasures of things that are both rare and permanent.  

Phase 1 of the Red Moon is designed by Massive One.   
"Silver Lunar is an interpretation of the phases of the moon that lead to the Red Moon eclipse represented by the silver sphere throughout the Male and Female costumes".

The Red Moon Phase 2 designed by Carnival in Motion
"As the Earth's shadow creeps across the moon during the Lunar Eclipse.  The moon appears dark before suddenly changing to appear red.  The black and grey shades of this costume represent that dark, shadowy period of the lunar eclipse".

The Red Moon Phase 3 designed by Party Room Squad
"THE RED MOON...what lovers yearn for - Under the RED MOON lovers fall in love and lovers recommit to strengthen their love for each other.  THE RED MOONS' mystical powers have infinite control over lovers through it's mesmerizing and enticing emanated red glow".

The Red Sea Orange designed by Caribbean Fuzion Inc
"As she extends her arms across the west coast of Arabia, her mystical being transcends across the waters and gibing the illusion of red and orange".

The Red Coral designed by Jamboree Mas
"Precious coral or red coral is the common name given to Corallium Rubrum and several related species of marine coral.  The distinguishing characteristic of the precious corals is their durable and intensely colored red or pink skeleton, which is used for making jewelry".

Although this section is designed by Jamboree Mas, it isn't the Jamborii Mas that is based here in Miami.  This section of the band will sell quickly among the younger people.  I will not put my foot in my mouth and say that this section will sell out faster than the others because Party Room Squad has been on the road for about 20/25 years and come second to Wassi One's.  You don't stay on the road for so long without a solid following.  At this point they don't have masqueraders, they have a family.  Trust me, this band HAS THEIR PEOPLE and mark my words, ALL of the sections will sell! What I can say with full confidence is that this is the section that the younger folks will flock to.  It has the bold colors and full of feathers. Everything to excite the eyes.

The Red Diamond designed by Party Room Squad

Party Room Squad thought about all shapes and sizes of masqueraders.  There is something for everyone in this band.  There are some sections that I personally would like to see get some feathers added but they know their clientele way better than I and have been fine so, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.

There is a FULL GALLARY of the close ups on my DCARNIVALBABY Facebook Page and you can click the link HERE <----- all.="" div="" nbsp="" see="" them="" to="">

Again, my apologies for the delayed post.  My apologies for the blog in itself but people were waiting and I had to share something.... Party Room Squad, you know you 'got this'! Hope to see how this all plays out on the road!!!