Wednesday, July 13, 2016


First let me begin with an apology.
I'm usually on time with my blog posts but life happens and when dealing with death, especially of a loved one....nothing, not even blogging about carnival costumes excited me.  Since you come here for brutal honesty, that's exactly what it is.  I just couldn't bring  myself to do it.

Party Room Squad impressed me but not for the reasons some may think.

Let's get on with it.

I don't remember the exact time I got to the venue but I got there just in time to see the show begin.. YES.  There was a SHOW!  The program that I was actually given reads: 2016 "RARE" Costume Extravaganza Launch Program.  I mean, this thing was well thought out.  That is what impressed me. For whatever the price was to enter their Costume Launch Extravaganza Launch, it was worth it. It wasn't a fete.  It was a sit down, family friendly affair that displayed costumes for the children, beating of steel pan, singing, a couple dance routines and a swimwear fashion show.  I loved and welcomed the additional entertainment.  Something different from the norm. Well received Party Room Squad!

Themes. I believe all bands should have one.  I believe I've said this thousands of times.  The generic themes bore me along with generic costumes but "RARE" has a story. Story and theme in one band! LOVE.  Although the 'name' RARE is in itself generic (as far as themes go) but the story is genius.  I just hope what the creators and I visioned is what's transpired on the road.

There are 4 sections in the band.  
Of the  sections, 1 has 3 phases and 1 has 2.
Let me explain.

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Orange
  • Red

Party Room Squad is trying to portray the joy, the beauty and the pleasures of things that are both rare and permanent.  

Phase 1 of the Red Moon is designed by Massive One.   
"Silver Lunar is an interpretation of the phases of the moon that lead to the Red Moon eclipse represented by the silver sphere throughout the Male and Female costumes".

The Red Moon Phase 2 designed by Carnival in Motion
"As the Earth's shadow creeps across the moon during the Lunar Eclipse.  The moon appears dark before suddenly changing to appear red.  The black and grey shades of this costume represent that dark, shadowy period of the lunar eclipse".

The Red Moon Phase 3 designed by Party Room Squad
"THE RED MOON...what lovers yearn for - Under the RED MOON lovers fall in love and lovers recommit to strengthen their love for each other.  THE RED MOONS' mystical powers have infinite control over lovers through it's mesmerizing and enticing emanated red glow".

The Red Sea Orange designed by Caribbean Fuzion Inc
"As she extends her arms across the west coast of Arabia, her mystical being transcends across the waters and gibing the illusion of red and orange".

The Red Coral designed by Jamboree Mas
"Precious coral or red coral is the common name given to Corallium Rubrum and several related species of marine coral.  The distinguishing characteristic of the precious corals is their durable and intensely colored red or pink skeleton, which is used for making jewelry".

Although this section is designed by Jamboree Mas, it isn't the Jamborii Mas that is based here in Miami.  This section of the band will sell quickly among the younger people.  I will not put my foot in my mouth and say that this section will sell out faster than the others because Party Room Squad has been on the road for about 20/25 years and come second to Wassi One's.  You don't stay on the road for so long without a solid following.  At this point they don't have masqueraders, they have a family.  Trust me, this band HAS THEIR PEOPLE and mark my words, ALL of the sections will sell! What I can say with full confidence is that this is the section that the younger folks will flock to.  It has the bold colors and full of feathers. Everything to excite the eyes.

The Red Diamond designed by Party Room Squad

Party Room Squad thought about all shapes and sizes of masqueraders.  There is something for everyone in this band.  There are some sections that I personally would like to see get some feathers added but they know their clientele way better than I and have been fine so, 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it'.

There is a FULL GALLARY of the close ups on my DCARNIVALBABY Facebook Page and you can click the link HERE <----- all.="" div="" nbsp="" see="" them="" to="">

Again, my apologies for the delayed post.  My apologies for the blog in itself but people were waiting and I had to share something.... Party Room Squad, you know you 'got this'! Hope to see how this all plays out on the road!!!

Friday, June 17, 2016


First, my apologies.  Blogs don't usually take this long to be posted but with the events that happened in Orlando, the very same night of the band launch... my heart was just heavy.  When I mustered up the energy to finally begin the blog the little I had left was taken by the two year old that was drowned by the alligator.  I do recognize that DJunction's band launch is tomorrow. So it's either double work for myself or get crackin!

The name "Erotica" had me a bit on edge because with the sling shots, dental floss and eye patches that have become a favorite in mas bands, I was afraid of where Generation X was going to take these costumes and then I was told prior to the launch that there would be "little skits" that would be performed before the models' display.  Next was outright fear.  Yup.  That was the feeling.  

I got to the venue around 1am which was early considering I wasn't there to party and the parking was horrendous.  It seems like venues in South Florida with decent parking is becoming limited.  This is not the first place that I've been to with such headaches to park.  In normal Trini fashion, my husband made his own space smh.  Getting inside was a breeze.  There was no line.  The comp tickets by mobile option (that I HATE using) was surprisingly quicker than looking for our names on the list. I'm old school.  Give me a physical ticket please.

Once inside, I was a little taken back.  From the look of the parking lot, I assumed that the party would have been jam packed.  It had a good crowd but just wasn't what I was expecting. Once I got backstage, I saw the models and began my picture taking.
In alphabetical order we have:

Bondage is pressure.
The use of chains is understandable seeing as whips and chains are used in bondage. *So I've heard lol.  I just thought that the placement of the chains fall a little too long on the sides of the frontline.  If the chains could be shortened on the lower half of the one piece/monokini, this costume would be perfect.  The leg pieces were perfectly designed because I've seen this design fail countless times. Models appear to have their circulation almost cut off because at the top of the leg pieces are tied extra tight just to stay up.  This was made with just the right amount of material so it didn't happen.  The cut of the panty/nanny cutters is for the young people.  That is too revealing for me but I see the young people love it. Give the people what they want GenX, good job!


Desire Individual
Desire Frontline
Desire Male
Desire is a playful and flirty costume.  Not really Erotica but I like it.  The colors are young, playful and bold.  The feathered tips at the end of the elongated feathers are very nice on the eyes and I like. Feather galore.  That's always a plus for me!  

Every accessory worn by the models are said to come with the costume package.  I did not get a chance to speak with Gregory about the costumes as this was my second event for the night and was tired but I am sure that there is some contact information on the Generation X Website.

Kama Sutra Individual
Kama Sutra Frontline

Kama Sutra Backline
Kama Sutra Male
Although Kama Sutra in itself is Erotic, the costume doesn't look Erotic however, the costume has stayed true to the Indian/Bollywood style of Kama Sutra.  Especially the male.


Leather and Lace Individual

This was the only picture I was able to get of the Leather and Lace section and I wasn't able to fully inspect it.


I am pretty sure I didn't see this section at the launch and if it was there, forgive me but I don't recall seeing this section.  This section is Generation X's BIM/Cropover section in Krave The Band.  The fact that it is on their website tells ME that this section will be making an appearance on the road for Miami Carnival.  If not, hard luck because this is one of my fav's in the band.


The model had not yet put on her backpack in the above picture.  This is an incomplete product.  The blue in this costume is genius!

Simple and effective accessories.
 Yaaaassssss, play with your feathers!

Here she is, complete in all her feather glory!!  I believe anything THIS model puts on I automatically fall in lust with.  She has to do nothing but put it on and smile.  It sells!  
This costume is beautiful.  I'm loving everything about it and from all the pictures taken, you can tell that this is the one I think is the best. 

shown with collar
*collar not included and must be added

This panty is really different.  Looks a little hard to get into but yuh cyah play mas if yuh fraid a lace up string panty!

Wings of an angel.  These wings don't have an outward wingspan but the way they hug the model and go downward leaves a sweet taste in my mouth.  I love the shape of these wings! The tip of lilac on the inside of the wing, the part closest to the head is a beautiful touch.



This is the last section I have.  Now, everyone knows how much I love Generation X and really hate to do this but I have to be honest.  Right?  This is my least favorite section in the band.  I'm not saying that I hate it because I don't.  I just really dislike the material used for the section. Just look.

This one can get a pass because the bra uses very little of the material but if the panty isn't made to fit the  masquerader well, it will bunch up and give off a cheap look.  This panty will look like a bingo bag if it fits baggy and no one wants to play mas in a bingo bag.  It is decorated well but who ever is doing the production of this section HAS to be extremely cautious.  The fabric is very loose.  I don't know if I'm getting my point across or if loose is the right word but that's the word that comes to mind.
Do you see how the panty looks MUCH better when it fits the model correctly?  I know this material well.  I've had the displeasure of having a costume made of this material.  Different iridescent yet the same and thank God, I was close to the band members and was able to switch my panty for two sizes smaller.  Although the necklace is to gorgeous, the falling beads from the bra to the panty is just too much and looks kind of thrown together.  A seasoned masquerader would just cut all of it off.  It serves no purpose.  Either neaten it up or scrap it to save a few dollars.

Once head, arms and legs are all put together, it's a seller!

Do you see how this "works" without all the clutter in the front?  This costume is pretty and it is screaming to be seen.  With all the clutter to the front, it's just lost.   
All in all.
I'd be happy to wear any of these costumes for the carnival.  Should you like to see my full gallery of pictures and a little video, you can check my DCARNIVALBABY Facebook Page or the fully functional web page of Generation X .  There you can register and compare prices.