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I've been hearing about this 'underground railroad' so to speak for some time now but didn't believe that it really existed.  It wasn't until a very good friend of mine called me horrified this morning because she was informed that not only is the tunnel already under construction, but there is a target date of completion of July/August 2011and people will be expected to begin using it as soon as the end of the year!!!.  The name of the tunnel is called the I95U (U for I95 UNDERGROUND) and it is called the Caribbean International Highway.

From what I'm understanding, originally the highway was to go only to Haiti but has plans to now pass through St. Kitts & Nevis, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Martinique, St Lucia, Jamaica, St Vincent & The Grenadines, Grenada and Venezuela! Now people, if you know like I know, you KNOW if it goin' Venezuela it GOIN TRINIDAD!

What will that mean for Trinidad and Tobago?
I for one am quiet comfortable with taking Caribbean Airlines yes! I don't do the Holland Tunnel for a couple minutes, you could imagine me under water for all dem hours?!

Read the story HERE for further details.



  1. Yea I wit you on being under water so long eh. CRAZY!!!

  2. I could only imagine. It takes about 18hrs for me to drive from Orlando to NYC, which is a 2hr flight. If it takes 3hrs to fly to TNT from Miami, then it could be AT LEAST a 24hr drive to trinidad! That's toooo long underground!!

  3. This is our version of the England-France Chunnel. Cool for island hopping but I wouldn't take it from Fla. to anywhere below Cuba, too far.

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  5. Being underground is not really my issue nah Cammy, its being UNDER WATER for so long that worries me. To Carnivalcocoa, I aint going NOWHERE from Florida mmmm mmmm. Too risky. MAYBE Bahamas but it has cruises for that.

  6. The problem with this, is water pressure on your body. If you come back up too fast, you'll potentially kill yourself.

  7. cool, please guidance so that I can create a blog like yours



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