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For those of us who didn't have the pleasure of attending the Island People Band Launch for whatever reason, you can view some of the costumes in this screensaver download. THIS screensaver is what sold me because honestly, I was not impressed by what I saw at the live band launch, any of the pictures that I saw via friends, family (that I admittedly annoyed every minute of the launch) and some of my favorite bloggers. Through no fault of their own (I will add) but the camera can not capture what the eyes will. There is NO WAY you can see all the details on these costumes the way you can with the naked eye. If done with a photographer, while taking hundreds of shots til the right one is chosen, yeah but not at a band/media launch when models are walking the stage and dam near running off for the next one to come on.

So for better pics, try logging on to, I hope it 'sheds some light' on the Shades Of The Universe situation. It did for me!



  1. So no review on the pics or live feed?
    Anyhow, aren't you glad you didn't spend money on airfare to go down for that launch? You'd be upset right now.

  2. My mother taught me to stay quiet in times like these.



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