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It hasn't been officially announced (like almost everything I hear) but I was told that I could actually relay this tid bit of information. The Miami-Broward One Carnival has finally found a venue!!!!! Many of the masqueraders that I know are a bit hesitant about either purchasing their airline tickets to come down here or to register with any band because they were not sure WHERE or IF there would be an actual venue to hold the carnival itself. Could you imagine the pain one would feel it they were to register in any of the mas bands to find out (upon collection of their costume) there is no designated space to play yourself on the road?

A little birdie told me via text yesterday that the Miami-Broward Carnival now has a venue. You never know if this is factual or not because they haven't publicly announced this venue on their offical website as yet but things ALWAYS have a way of 'getting out'. The rumored venue for the 2010 Miami-Carnival will be at the Sun Life Stadium formally known as The Dolphin Stadium in Miami. I don't know how that would actually work but hey, for now its going to be considered home. Check it out below.



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