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If you follow this blog, then you know already that the rumor is untrue and there WILL be a carnival in October, (Octoer 10th to be exact) for the Miami-Broward One Carnival. You should also know that the carnival itself will be held at the Sun Life Stadium (formally known as The Dolphin Stadium). But what you many not have known is that due to this new venue, there have been some additional 'restrictions' placed upon the parade of bands.


At the board members meeting yesterday, it was announced/decided that there will be absolutely NO MUD BANDS, NO OIL BANDS and NO PAINT BANDS allowed into the stadium. Airbrush paint is the ONLY paint that will be tolerated. Officials believe that these types of bands would cause more harm than good. The quantity of mud, oil and paint used cause an extreme amount of 'mess' that the city nor the association is willing to fork out. To date they have been cleaned by either the county, the cities or the association and this time around, I guess no one wanted to fit the bill.

Lets think about it though guys! This stadium is the home of Florida's football team, home to many NFL games and has held many a Superbowl no? They are not about to have a group of people just come in, for one day and just about destroy the stadium on the house. A small country like Trinidad and Tobago is trying to put a stop (if it hasn't been done already) to the National Stadium hosting carnival events and such because of the glass bottles, broken glass, cups, food, etc that is left be ind. It is not only these small messes that are left behind, its the actual damage that is caused to the physical grounds. The flooring many times are left uneven, shifted, paint has rubbed off or gotten discolored. So why not a place like the Sun Life Stadium? I am NOT mad at them! My thing is, the officials of the carnival association KNOW this. They've known about the 'casualties' of carnival for DECADES, they also know it will not get any better and maybe get even worse. Why on EARTH would they have picked a place like the Sun Life Stadium to be the venue for the parade of bands? Was it the desperate need to have a venue because they only recently announced/found one? Who knows. What I DO know is, they need to get it together, find a proper venue and stick with the same one ANNUALLY!!!!!



  1. nice blog. yuh right about these tings

  2. As much as I love Miami carnival, the one thing that irritates me is the constant changing of venues. It's a pain to go through every year. Dcarnivalbaby, you are spot on with that.

    And btw, hellooooo people, we are immigrants, living in another man's country and messing up the people's property. Say thank god we get to have a carnival at all and respect the people's place.



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