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Miami says sorry kids, no carnival for you......

Good day all!
This blog entry was way long overdue but it just didn't feel like the right time. Truthfully NEVER seemed to be like the best time to me in posting this but with New York's kiddies carnival coming up early Saturday morning and Miami-Broward carnival coming up in October, I guess now is a good a time as any.
It has been decided that there will be NO KIDDIES CARNIVAL for the Miami-Broward One Carnival this year. There will be no miniature sailors, butterflies, anything. I don't know what's more of a shame that they have decided to cancel it or cancelling so late in the game. August is hardly the right time to announce the cancellation of the kiddies carnival. There are bands that measure, make totally pay and prepare for these things annually and exactly TWO months before the actual event is just bad for business.
What what I'm understanding the reason for the cancellation is because of lack of funding. The association is broke! (Like everyone is isn't) Don't get me wrong, but if you are completely broke in August you were at least going broke or foreseeing insufficient since ummmmmmmm February/March?!?!? Okay, I give it til at least June. At-in-all whether February/March, it would have been enough time to better prepare these carnival bands for this blowout that they were only given in August.
What's going to happen with all monies spent?
Will the bands form together and organize something for themselves?
When will the apologies come and to whom?
I really don't know the answers to any of those questions but what I do know is that children ARE our future and being more educated about the future comes along knowledge of your heritage and culture. Most of knowing where you are going, is knowing where you have come from. We need to ensure that the children stick with this. Cancelling the kiddies carnival is only showing me that THIS TOO will be lost, just like the true meanings of things like jouvert, moko jumbie and tamboolay. SMH at how the stories and history of the Caribbean are going to be forgotten.



  1. This is an out right LIE. This was never the case nor an option.

    Mario Zamora
    Miami Broward One Carnival

  2. This was the TRUTH!
    It just wasn't supposed to be out in the open for John Public to know about. It wasn't until LAST MINUTE that your organization put together a venue for the children and I have to admit it worked out perfectly. But let's not ignore the truth, the truth was that there was to be no kiddies carnival. Just be happy that you pulled a good one out the hat and dont try to discredit my sources OR my blog two and a half months after the fact. Thankyou.



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