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I have a question, real nigga shit yo! I was having a conversation with my boy and his wife the other night. He turns around and says that ex wives and baby momma's (I hate that terminology) are guaranteed p*ss* (my apologies, I hate that word, but that's what he said)! She on the other hand disagreed.  She said that that's ignorance and if that's the case, that means that all ex husbands and baby fathers are a guaranteed lay!  Now you tell me, cause my next friend (a dude) said the SAME THING couple months ago.  But when it became a debate amongst myself and the married couple, it prompted this blog entry.

Is that what most people think? Do they really believe that these men and women are guaranteed? If so, why? Cause there had to be a reason for the breakup and was the reason so bad, certainly not because the sex is still passing.  SMH I respect my ex, to the fullest.  We are the closest of friends and BOTH understand that there is a level of respect that we have to have for one another and our partners that could or should NEVER be crossed.  It does have those 'couples' that do leave themselves available to one another but does that mean that everyone that has been married or had children together do that?  Not in my opinion. Even so, is that what the majority believes when the two individuals are close?  Does that mean I owe everyone that sees me with my ex an explanation because they are thinking the worst? Especially the ones that know my husband?  Wow!  I didn't think it was like that, people have too much time on their hands and overactive imaginations in my opinion.  Whats yours?



  1. definitiely NOT a guaranteed lay... i would never sleep with my ex again, no matter what....why would anyone do that. My ex and i are friends now and he is the father of my kids, but i know why i left and would never open that door again even if it were just cause i needed sex and thats it...i'd much rather wait it out and meet someone new and just not have sex at all. But there are some people (i know a few) that even though they aren't together still go back to that person, for what reason i don't know, i guess they figure they are a "safe person" since they were once married to them.....i don't agree with that, but i don't judge...

  2. i used to fall into the trap of sleeping with my ex husband all the time...i did remember why we broke up but the sex was to damn good to give up too...i mean damn i lost him but the d*** too???? but as years went on i realized that i associated the sex with wanting to get back with him and for same said years as we TRIED it just wasnt took 10years and realizing that he/i was just a lay and nothing else....if i didnt figure out MY WORTH as a woman i probably would have kept doing it....then too i had to consider our kids feelings, is he here to stay, is he coming and going, like really where do he stand with his family???? i am not one to judge what anybody do with their ex, but the emotional devastation you go through is the worst and i wont wish it upon current husband and i was broken up (not divorced) for awhile, we now know both our faults, working on them and the reason why we would try at this again is our love for each other, our son and dont nobody want to pay a pong and a crong for a divorce we really dont want here it is i dont believe u should go back to an ex just because of the guaranteed lay, but if you really love one another and want to make it work, REALLY MAKE IT WORK then by all means have at it....again its only my opinion

  3. HAHA this is not a man thing..EX's on both sides are based on values,self-weakness & ego.

    VALUE = if you really care about your present relationship & yr health there is not a chance..

    SELF WEAKNESS= Always keep yr guards up,never complain or compare because you become vulnerable, especially if you complain to them.

    EGO = ah wonder if he/she go give meh ah B*LL,B*U*H,F**K OR JUST PLAIN SEX. so ah going and try my luck.

    Sexing baby mothers/fathers occur based on the above 3 things unless,both agree to just have sex together when convenient....

    When contacted by ex, never discus anything about yr personal life implicating yr current spouse,
    that's makes it difficult for an ex with a big EGO to try to make a move,and if he/she do, you put a stop immediately,letting them know how much you value yr relationship...Trust meh, I have never slept with anyone since i got married,because i stuck to the first two rules.
    I am currently friends with everyone i ever slept with,and hurt.But guess what?: there is no gap to be filled...



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