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I started this post over a week ago.  Although I can not stop talking about this movie, I am somehow at a loss for words. Hard to explain yet true. I decided to just post what I have and leave it in your hands.  No proofreading, no thinking it over and trying to analyze anything, just thoughts. Hey, after all, this is a blog.

I had extremely high expectations of this film.  Please excuse me, but I have never heard of the play "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf".  The first of me hearing of this play was when the buzz began to circulate around Tyler Perry and him making a reenactment of it or bring it to the bigscreen.  This movie gave every, single imaginable obstacle that not only black women endure but ALL women.  It also put me in their shoes.  You felt everything, or I felt everything. Every character was either a person that I could relate to or knows someone 'just like them'.  The acting was strong and powerful and even made me tear up couple times.  It has been a long time, even for previous Tyler Perry movies, that I have felt a movie the way this one made me feel.  It is definitely a MUST SEE!!!  

Thinking about the content of this movie I thought long and hard about taking my children and husband to see it.  The decision was that I must. Listening to all the talk show hosts, interviews with the cast members and reading articles of noted magazines, they have all encouraged that all women see this film.  I've heard many friends and coworkers encourage their mothers, sisters and female children to watch this movie but I encourage men, YES MEN, to take a couple hours out of their time to see it as well. Not with your boys, but with your wives, mothers, sisters, girl children. (That is if you haven't seen it already).  Deep inside, I feel it will touch men positively, to see and possibly feel what women go through, to see the decisions that women have to make, to see and better understand what and where the strength of ALL women derive from.  For Colored Girls, is probably the realist movie I have seen in over a decade.  It has to be Oscar worthy!

Perfection is not what I would call this movie but pretty close to perfection is what it was.  I will be back to see it again this weekend.



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