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I couldn't wait!  I knew somebody was going to get it soon and for some reason I KNEW IT WOULD BE KIM DISHIN IT!  She's been quiet for too long!!!

The new song "Black Friday" is the Official Nicki Minaj Diss written by Lil Kim and it is BAD FOR DAYS!!!  I am a Nicki Minaj fan solely because I am from Trinidad and I, (just like everyone else) do root for my people that have hit the big time successfully but being raised in Brooklyn, I feel Lil Kim hard too.  I also have to give props when it's due.  My girl Lil Kim DID THE DAMM THING!!!! She spit lyrics like she was Biggie reincarnated.  She went out there R.A.W. (ready and willing) to finish all the hoopla circulating the two and putting a quick end to the comparisons.  She did her thing BROOKLYN style and after hearing it, the only thing that came to mind was the diss that Tupac spit out to Biggie and Bad Boy Records.

Look at all the comparisons or should we say copying.  Especially in the one above.  I dont think these pics were a direct result of Nicki Minaj trying to impersonate Lil Kim but that of publicists, promoters, entourage, etc.  However, the last word does lie with the artist and she could have said NO because the world that these artists live in is full of criticism, fine lines, fine prints and copycats.  Its a damm shame.

You look at the pictures and listen to the rap, judge for yourself.  You can listen to the FULL 8 MINUTE DISS RIGHT HERE!  This was the response to the Nicki Minaj collaboration with Eminem ROMAN'S REVENGE.  Please leave your comments here.  I'm interested in knowing what you think.




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