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I have sat back and wondered for a good long while and realized that our Veterans NEED to be remembered.  These men and women, go into other countries and fight FOR what they believe to be right or not!!!!!  In the military, there are many young men and women that sign up because they feel they have no other option.  
Once many of these children have elected to either not go to college or couldn't get in, decide to go into the military.  No matter what branch they can test into, they take.  No real research of relevance, no one to really guide them or explain IN FULL DETAIL what to expect once IN the military, and worse yet, what to expect once they get out.  Once you're in that office, its all about what benefits you can get from the military and how it is profitable to join.  There is no mention of how you have to fight with broken or amputated limbs to be seen at a local VA hospital or with those same injuries not receive a full benefit.

What they don't tell you is if you have not completed the entire 10-20-30+ years, you basically leave the military with nothing but a bunch of empty promises, a hard living and a life long fight for any financial benefit of 100%.  Lets not even talk about the GI bills.  The military get to deploy their men and women for whatever dummy mission they choose to engage in and whether you agree or disagree they can (and WILL) use the contract that has been signed by you to make you fight in their war or worse yet, lock you up for a substantial amount of years for refusing to do so.

I say that we do need to remember the Veterans ALL OF THEM, and thank them because for whatever reason they have ended up in the military system, whether it has been by draft, personal process of elimination, financial gain, choice or by force, they are in the Army, Navy, Air Force and the Marine to stay and that in itself is hard on the soldiers and their loved ones when alive.  Now can you just imagine..........................dead?  Take time out for our Veterans today!



  1. I want to agree with u but only to a point..I joined the Military as a means to a end..did not like being on welfare, foodstamps and still had to work just to maintain 2 small children and a cheating husband (ex-husband now)..but at the end of the day it was a very good choice I made for them and myself..I would not change that part of my life for nothing in this world..I can attest that I did have to spend A Lot of time away from my children (you know that personally) just to go to Kuwait and to Iraq, but at the end of it all my children enjoyed the benefits of me being away..I Am A Veteran and I receive my full 100% of disability from the military, many have not received theirs yes and that was due to either the lack of information they did not give their rep or because the rep deemed fit they did not deserve it..all in all, Veterans who served did/do deserve the recognition of today because it have those who DONT HAVE THE BALLS TO MAKE THAT 1st STEP OF ENTERING THE RECRUIT OFFICE OR TAKING THE TEST TO GET IN OR EITHER GETTING ON THE BUS TO LEAVE FAMILIES, CHILDREN AND OR LOVED ONES BEHIND!!!! HOOAH to those of us who had the GUTS!!!!

  2. I understand completely why you say you joined the military and I do commend you (because I for one could never do it). But, the military did promise you things that if you didn't WORK AND FIGHT HARD for you wouldn't have gotten. Upon joining, they make you believe that it is all there waiting for you and it is not. Some of these veterans are down here (Miami VA) literally begging to be seen by their doctors and are not being given anything after they have come home injured and sometimes crippled. That includes places to live. Spouses often run off with the kids, the money and damm near the dogs. Its a sight for sore eyes and a lonely life to live without the right support of family or stability.

  3. I totally agree with you Dcarnivalbaby. I've been to the military's recruitment tables at jobs fairs and to their recruitment offices. What you said is EXACTLY what happens: they show you a sleek video, a list of benefits while in service, the $20,000. sign up bonus etc.
    And trust, this can be super enticing to anybody.
    Let's be real, how many civilian jobs offer any sign up bonus, housing credits, and money for college? Exactly. So yes the military does offer a means to an end. But I know myself, I coward no arse and not interested in firearms, weaponry and war. So I stayed away. Even though at the time I was new to America, unemployed and 19 years old. I couldn't do it. Kudos to those who did it.

    And yes there are veteran's struggling to receive proper care in the VA hospitals right now. It's appalling but those things are never brought up in recruitment ---what happens to you if or when you're incapacitated while on duty.

    Much respect from me to the men and women of the military.



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