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Just a couple minutes ago an earthquake hit Trinidad and Tobago.  The quake was 5.1 on the Richter scale and I thought that would be bad enough to injure quite a few people but after speaking to my cousin who was at work in South, she was unaware that an earthquake even struck. This seems about right because I was informed that the quake struck the Northern and Central region of Trindad.  Tobago felt a little something as well but what it hit on the scale is unknown at this point, it is too early to know those details.

My suggestion.  Call loved ones just to see if they are okay.  Doesn't hurt to make a quick call or communicate somehow.  Whether it be by Skype, BBM, text, email, whatever it may be.  Check on them.  Goodnight all.



  1. records the earthquake as 4.1 while uwi seismic initial value is 4.5 which is always larger than it really was.

    doesn't seem to have done any damage as it was short and not that strong. i hope this is true and that there is no injury, death or damages!!



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