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With less than 70 days away from Trinidad and Tobago 2011 carnival I would like to know, are you all ready?  Have you made all necessary appointments with your professional makeup artists, ordered your boots, began decorating them or made appropriate deposits to have them decorated?  There are bands that have taken advantage of delivery services for their masqueraders, have you taken advantage of it?  When coming down to the wire, a long line to pick up your costume can be a drag.  The average dollar amount seems to be around $150TT, inquire within your band.  Before making arrangements for 'home' delivery you have to first know that your costume has to be paid off IN FULL!  So try having that situated before calling the people for home delivery.  You can call however to find out when the cut off date would be to sign up as I am almost sure there is one within each band.

Those playing mas in BLISS, ISLAND PEOPLE, SPICE, TRIBE or YUMA please make a note to send me some feedback on what your goodie bag entails, how your costume looks, what your expectations were from what you actually got, etc.  This will be the first time I will not be in Trinidad for carnival and I must say it sucks, so please don't leave me out of the loop ah begging.  I don't want to miss out on anything. Pictures, pictures, pictures. Send me what you can and please keep me informed.  The email address is or I rather the comcast address but they are both operational.  This post has killed me, I just publicly announced for the second time IN MY LIFE that I will not be attending T&T for carnival.  SMH



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