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When this cartoon/ puppet show first hit the facebook airwaves it took over by storm.  I knew it would be something to reckon with when I went to Mona Lisa fete the other night and waaaay after the fete was done, none other than Giselle aka The Wassi One did maybe an hour long rendition of the infamous Santana.  It all starts off with Santana 'catching' his live in girlfriend Janice.  You can see that video  HERE!

If you look good you see a preacher in that video, that preacher apparently has a video of his own called Pastor Stewart.  See him RIGHT HERE, live an in livin color.

But like bad man Santana has met his match in a fete  watch it HERE

I love these little YouTube flicks and just wish the makers of them keep them coming.



  1. If you are West Indian or have West Indian friends or family or just understand the accent and way of life. This series is the funniest thing you will see in a long time.



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