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Look what has surfaced in my inbox today!!!!!

When I just finished saying that my Island Peeps were a bit too quiet here comes this.  I must say, this year, they have been trying to keep the public informed via twitter, facebook and emails.  Kudos to them!  I'm just wondering how sales are going with YUMA and BLISS on the scene picking up not only veteran masqueraders but the newbies too!!!!!  Once a newbie has their hooks in a particular band, its almost impossible for them to switch.

In the words of IP:
Hey Peeps,
Christmas is soon approaching and before you know it, Carnival is here! If you would like to make any further payments to your costume, feel free to visit our mas camp, Monday-Friday 11am-6pm and Saturday 12noon-4pm.
Overseas masqueraders, you can call in and make your payments at 1-868-622-8145. All VIRGIN masqueraders remember that you have till the END of the December, to pay the balance of your deposit.  Don’t forget!
Also, for those of you in Trinidad and Tobago, check out this promotion from Republic Bank.  They are giving you a rate that can’t be beat! Imagine that you can “Make it Happen” and pay your costume AND your car payment by Christmas. No hassle, no worries for Carnival! How sweet is that for a deal?!



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