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While reading up on the 'happenings' and goings on with Haiti, I was made aware that the country is VERY MUCH still in despair. I don't understand how this could have happened when there was thousands, millions and possibly billions of dollars sent to Haiti.  There are many people that are STILL homeless and have not even been given a dollar to help rebuild their homes.  Whether the condition of the home was bad or good before the earthquakes, once the money has been donated, it has every right to be disbursed!  With Haiti being such a poor country, I think the government could have used this was an opportunity to not only rebuild all that was damaged but fix everything to a point that their country was up to what we would consider at least standard.

While listening to couple news programs and radio talk shows, I heard that the Haitian government has yet to explain where all this money has gone and why exactly minimal to nothing was done with the country after an entire year has passed.  It would be understandable if the some of the debris around the country was at least cleaned up but NOTHING?  It makes me wonder, with the governments withholdings, are they trying to figure out what exactly they should do with the money because there is soooooooo much that has to be done or did they just misspend the money?

To date, there are still many websites and organizations that you can go to to donate funds, clothing and whatever else you can/may have to donate.  But its getting to the point that I think someone needs to step in an try figuring out where this money is really going and what is the intent of the received money.  Im just saying.



  1. Red tape in politics. The country is in turmoil, there is presently no definitive leader, as the elections have led to a run-off. Tchnology is non-existent amongst those there to help and now that the cameras are gone, everyone is on "ME" mode. It is going to take a temporary oligarchy with people who truly want the country to succeed at the helm. That is also unlikely since greed usually overrides compassion.

  2. I found this out while doing the research for the blog. With the current leader about to head OUT of office in what, a month/two months. They're claiming it would make no sense for him to start replenishing the country but my thing is its two/three months NOW what about when the flow of money started coming a year ago. He had enough time to do something like pick up some of the rubbish accumulated. Its a shame. Just a total shame. Worst yet for the people who have been without a proper place to sleep in over a year.



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