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Okay, its time I put this out there so someone can please enlighten me on the topic.

For some months now there has been a rumor circulating that facebook will be NO MORE and they will be shutting down THE best social network that I have come to know on the 15th of March, 2011.  I am writing this blog today not to inform of anything but to pick the brain of all who read it.  Please, either leave me a comment or respond to with any factual info that you may have being that I have sent the 'facebook Gods' numerous emails and have gotten no answer on the topic.  What I have gotten so far through the grapevine (so don't quote me on this) is that the creators of the facebook network were sued by other individuals that helped put the network together.  They thought they were owed more than what they initially got.  Basically greed SMH  I don't know if they started this rumor because of the facebook movie that came out or there it is really true but what I do know is, they dont owe their members any explanation and CAN shutdown their network without warning.  Look at Napster and Limewire.  Different situations completely but I'm drawing a reference on how they were here today and gone tomorrow.



  1. Soooo it's not true. I know a paper printed it put didn't didn't get all the facts. FB is actually getting 500 mil from Goldman Sach and some Russians!



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