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Okay, I had NO clue until today that there was some Pepsi commercial during the super bowl game that aired on the 6th of February.  The commercial apparently offended the women of the African American community. I found this out late in part because I don't look at or care about football in the least, well American football anyway.

Well to MY point.  I saw the commercial and I don't see what the big boycott is over. Maybe that's the dude in me, but I think that people are now just looking for things to complain about.  If the commercial were about a couple in another ethnicity would there have been a problem?  Or the problem would probably been that they don't put enough black people on TV huh?  In this case the old saying that 'black people can't be pleased' is nothing short of true.  Don't get me wrong, there are A LOT of things that black people can complain about but you have to know how to pick your battles and I think that this one is a poor one.  If you are one of the people that think that the commercial was negative and stereotyping the black woman, I apologize to you but I am publicly expressing MY OPINION, not yours and I can voice only that. MY OPINION!

The article on the boycott can be read --------> HERE <--------- and the ACTUAL COMMERCIAL can be viewed HERE.

Tell me what you think. Are you in favor of the boycott or no?



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