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I have gotten the privilege to get a hold of a link from ISLANDpeople's FACEBOOK PAGE and had to agree with most said. There was a time when carnival didn't burn a hole in your pocket and the experience was more intimate.  Carnival has become a money making market that has shifted from a production completely done in Trinidad to importing goods from China!

Long time (as stated in the video), you could play mas and people automatically knew what band AND section you were playing in just from the costume you were wearing.  Now, EVERY BODY have on the same thing. A bra and a panty with some beads and feathers. Don't get it twisted, I'm ALL FOR the panty and bra but do fine within the panty and bra could come some more imagination.  This year, I fine TRIBE, BLISS and ISLANDpeople did the damm thing by thinking outside the panty and bra box and show THEME and actually stick to them, tell a story as ISLANDpeople always put it. But that's only for people like me who keep up with those kind of things.  To the regular Joe Smoe, who only spectates or watches the carnival on TV, or through magazines.  What sets one band above the rest?  What differentiates them?

Anywho. Check the video here. Its quite interesting.  HERE



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