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Miami Reggae Festival

Think about your most basic everyday needs... food, clothes, healthcare, job training, a place to rest- imagine having nowhere to go, and no way to meet these basic human needs. The world is closer to a major famine today than it has been in decades.

A billion people are going hungry with another billion people suffering from "hidden hunger", whilst a billion people are over-consuming.

Curley's House of Style, Inc. Hope Relief Food Bank works assiduously to improve the quality of life of low-to-moderate income individuals and families, the elderly, the homebound, the abused, HIV/AIDS infected, youth-at-risk, the homeless, by supplementing their monthly food insecurities by providing bulk food products and ROCKAZ MVMT, "to satisfy the needs which are encapsulated in the current climate of global change"- it therefore falls within our ambit to do all we can to encourage the growth, longevity and service of institutions such as that of Curley's House.  

Today, we do not have to look very far to see the great need that pervades in our neighborhoods, communities, Cities, States - right here in the land we love. Yet it is often easier to ignore, than it is to truly contribute to changing the faces of hunger, poverty and lack of opportunity in our great land of plenty.  

The ROCKAZ MVMT: FEEDS campaign is tailored for the enjoyment of family and the strengthening of a positive spirit of community through a host of events. Between 3PM -11PM on April 30th 2011, here is your opportunity to be a part of the BIG PICTURE.   

Join us in Peacock Park, Coconut Grove [2820 McFarlane Rd. Coconut Grove FL 33133] for a FREE concert, with the likes of Reggae Icon Luciano, Cultura Profetica, Warrior King, Spam All Stars, Bonnie Casey, Jahfe and many more.  

You can make a difference in the effort to eradicate hunger and malnutrition from the beautiful state of Florida, so bring along 2 or more cans of non-perishable food items for our food drive benefiting Curley's House whilst enjoying These artists as they perform classic songs of peace, love & unity and paint pictures of a better world for us all.  

For more information about this concert or Curley's House inc. feel free to call us at 305-763-4509, or visit our website at you can be the change, the world needs. Dare to see the world as it should be, and not just as it is. Rockaz MVMT: FEEDS



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