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Beyonce is reportedly about to drop her new album some time this summer but rumor has it that the single that she intends on 'dropping' as soon as the month of May is not all that it's cracked up to be. I hope this isn't the case.  This album was long awaited by her fans!

I also can not say anything yet but a Carnival Mas Band will be having their critique done on Sunday! As in COSTUMES!!!!! What body part I wouldn't give to be in the ISLAND of Trinidad this weekend. The costume viewing will be sick, too bad only section leaders, designers and shareholders are invited. 

As for the goings on in Florida for Miami carnival, board members had a meeting this month and have decided that The Sun Life Stadium will be the permanent home for the Miami-Broward Carnival (for the next 4 years at least).  Im hoping that we as Caribbean people do not make a mess of this contract and we are welcomed to stamp on the grounds of the stadium and not be kicked out of yet another venue! *crossing fingers* as for bands, I'm hearing a lot of good things coming out of Wassi One's, Exotica Mas and Party People Mas. One of these said bands are joining forces with CARNIVAL FACES, how nice! It's still early in the game and I expect to hear things from big bands like Generation X and Fun Generation, Im good to go with what I know so far, things are shaping up to be a WOTLESS Miami Carnival! Oui, cant wait!



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