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When I didn't think this band could do any better, here they go again!!!!!

Ramajay Mas has come up with a system that may actually WORK!  They have come up with a MAS code (Masquerader Advantage Savings) code.  This MAS code will allow previous masqueraders preferred access to registration, costume discounts and other RAMAJAY initiatives.

The MAS code (like expected) is non-transferable/assignable and the benefits of the MAS code will only be extended to the loyal masquerader to whom the code is assigned.

The MAS code will enable past masqueraders to register and receive a 10% discount on IN HOUSE registrations during the week of June 14 - 19 and ONLINE registrations from June 20 - 26.  (There will be a separate inventory so don't get your panties in a bunch).

Valid ID must be shown.

If you have any questions or concerns contact RAMAJAY MAS by faxing (718) 257-8664 or email directly.

This is a New York based band.  
In the heart of Brooklyn I may add. Crooklynites WILL find a way to go around this as they have done with TRIBE but I give RAMAJAY kudos for 'Daring To Be Different' and stepping up to the carnival plate for being what they call  'An Ultimate Premium Carnival Band'!

Remember the OFFICIAL band launch date will be Sunday June 12th!  But look out for pics on ISLAND GEMS' WEBSITE and a mini review right here of the MEDIA LAUNCH which is set for the 1st of June.



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