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I had no idea, because like most of you DO know I reside in South Florida, there was a 30+ hour search for a little boy, age 8 that was brutally murdered.  From what Im hearing he left school and the school was about 8 blocks away from his home.  He and his mother made arrangements to meet in the middle to avoid them both from having to walk the entire way.  Somehow little Leiby lost his way and ended up in the home of this man Levi Aron.  When this man saw the search on television for little Leiby, he decided that instead of letting authorities know he was safe in his home, decided to do the unthinkable.  He got a cutting board, that normal people would use to cut up meat to cook and chopped this little boy up into pieces! 

Im no detective or anything but this act made me believe that he sexually assaulted that little boy, I mean, why in the hell else would he panic to the point that he'd not only kill him but chop his little 8 year old body into parts?  

Its bothering me because I grew up in New York City, in Brooklyn as well and when I walked down the street, I'd get my fast ass chewed out by every neighbor for being outside if I were out too late, if I was the only child outside, neighbors yelled at me to get inside my house before they get my mother on the phone.  If people saw me walking home from school, they smiled and even helped me cross the street. What's goin on in the world? Second nature when you see children is to love and protect them. Now its like the friggin norm to kill children and possibly get a book or movie deal out of it after doing a couple (and I do mean A COUPLE) years in jail!!! Oh, my bad, am I mixing up children's murder cases? SMH 

Im disgusted, read it yourself HERE, you can also see the video of Leiby Kletzky's funeral below.



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