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ISLANDpeople Mas can never disappoint me!!!!

This was sent to me then boom, before I could even reach my computer to put up this post it was all over the place.  I must give props where its due.  Just look at this costume! You have your backline, frontline and your individual. ALL WICKED, with sufficient coverage, boss leg pieces and just fierce! I'd fall into the arms of any of these Heroes! Damm that! Even if they're all chicks!

ISLANDpeople Mas,
allyuh ahead of the game with only ONE of your costumes out!


*****In all honesty I've had this picture to share with you since Wednesday but could not share with the world on Thursday as planned because I HAD MY SON!!!!! Blogging was the very last thing on my mind as I was giving birth.  I thank the many people who did know and have expressed warm wishes and congratulations via email, facebook, twitter, text, etc.  I will try my best to continue being me (even if it does mean doing this from my hospital bed).  Later, see you guys on Monday.




  1. AWWW CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW ADDITION! :) and yes I must give props where it's due, THESE ARE HOTT! As much as I can't stand IP service they always step out of the box and produce costumes that show you what the theme is and don't have you guessing...."What's their theme?". I wish other bands would do the same and stop making generic costumes that could go for any theme.

  2. Thankyou Dali! An come on! They have corrected the situation and moved forward, IP is BOSS!!!

  3. Congrats on the birth of your baby!!!!
    And hear what, don't even THINK about copping that individual costume. We'll have to fight for that one! LOL

  4. Girl, I'm patiently waiting on the launch, last time I remember, the two costumes that were 'exposed early' were NOT the hottest sections of the band. Actually, I dont even remember seeing that red business on the road!!!!!

    As far as the individual to THIS red costume, I was informed that will only be for a particular individual, so you go ahead an try yuh bess to get it when somebody name done on it. LOL Stick to yuh frontline LOL

  5. Oh most importantly, thankyou for the congratulations!

  6. What??!! It gone! Nah man, blasphemy! And IP have people drooling all over it on Facebook.
    Well I'll keep my plans for another costume then. It's IP, they must have other nice costumes.

    And yeah, that Meteor Burst looked nice on the road.

    And you're welcome ;)



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