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The long awaited 'revamp' of ISLANDpeople Mas was not shown the way many were expecting but it was a good makeup.  The crew at ISLANDpeople Mas was working diligently (once again) to have all sections or what they call, 'chapters' of their band on display at the mas camp yesterday.  There was a power outage in most areas of Trinidad that pushed back the unveiling.  However, they were smart enough to make a statement via their Facebook Fan Page and their customer service bbm. The statement basically said that although the costumes would not be able for display at the mas camp, they would DEFINITELY be 'posted' for masqueraders to checkout by the end of the day.  There was no word on where and the above picture was just posted on their facebook wall with not even so much as a warning!  Only the few that happen to stalk the page were privileged to see it early lol and they did not disappoint!

I don't know if the power outage was the actual reason the costumes were not put on display yesterday but the 'Carnival Gods' worked in their favor because that excuse worked and so did that picture that are still blowing people's minds.  The response was a complete turn around from ones made of the original costumes.  The goal is to have the costumes up for viewing by lunchtime today both on the WEBSITE and inhouse.  The PREregistration will continue until then.  I am now waiting patiently for some closeup pictures, of backlines and most importantly, THE MALE costumes to get  posted cause like the MEN have been forgotten about in all the madness.




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