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Judging from this video not all masqueraders are completely upset with ISLANDpeople Mas.  This video appears to be one made from a past masquerader that had a good time within the band for 2011 and definitely intends on 'seein them again' for 2012!

You have to give credit where its due.  ISLANDpeople Mas have recognized their faults with their 'HEROES' and are now feverishly working to do what no other band has done IN THE HISTORY of carnival!!!!  They have scrapped not 1 or 2 but 5 of their sections (POST band launch), tweaking/ revamping the ones that are staying, got complete input of masqueraders and fans of their Facebook Fan Page, brought in one of Trinidad's favorite designers to design the new five sections that will be coming, having a second band launch, airing it live AND doing this all in the space of a couple weeks!!! Come on, even the haters/the ones who just want to hate ISLANDpeople have to give Jack he jacket.

Hope you enjoy the video. I did!



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