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There is so much going on right now its CRAZY!

If you'd like, to join a cause, join D' Limers team for the 16th Annual Komen Miami/Ft. Lauderdale Race for the Cure October 15th, 2011 at Bayfront Park.  REGISTER yourself, family and friends at $27 per person.  Click the above link and join an existing team. (Team  D' Limers).

We have this tropical storm turned hurricane Irene. She's a beast! She ripped apart HAITI and The Bahamas.  She has all intentions of making life hell for the Northern states of the East coast and I just pray that God is with them, with their lack of experience dealing with hurricanes and all their tall buildings, good Lord.  The news is saying a category 1 hurricane would flood the subway system in New York and a caergory 2 would put JFK airport under 5 feet of water. I just pray they're prepared.

A plan gone wrong would have to be the SOE (State Of Emergency) going on in Trinidad and Tobago.  The curfew started in just some 'hot spots'. The 'hot spots' were where they considered most of the crimes in the country were being reported and committed. That didn't make much sense to me because if I were a 'bandit' I would just leave the 'hot spot' area and go to another that ISN'T under curfew during the normal hours and stay there to do whatever it is I want to do whether legal or not.  The freedom in itself would be enough for me.  So, its either you're locking down the country or your not. So, like the common sense God's came to Kamla and she decided to lock down EVERYBODY! I really hope this lock down fixes the problems in the country and the majority conforms for a greater good rather than get more vex and just kill off Kamla. 

On a lighter note, yesterday was the pre-registration for ISLANDpeople Mas. YES, I registered within the band and it was straight! I was one of the first TO register, so I guess they were still making additions to the site while I was on because the sizing chart wasn't there when I registered my 6. When I went back later on in the day (just to macco the site some more), low and behold, there was their sizing chart.  I am very well aware of MY sizes but had to compare the sizes I chose for those I registered on the chart and I realized I had to make changes ASAP! Between the new BBM customer service pin, email address and telephone number provided.  I was going to try all 3 cause I panic, I panic once things are not all aligned the way I see fit. I called first, then sent a BBM and didn't get a chance to email because my question was answered via telephone.  I was told that I couldn't change the sizes at that time because the computers were already down for the day and if I would 'be so kind' as to leave my name and number, she'd personally give me a call back this morning.   I wouldn't say it was bright and early, but early enough for me.  At 9:22am Island People Mas called me back, fixed my problem, gave me the assurance I needed and didn't try rushing me off the phone because after all, it was an overseas call.  I timed it in my phone to be a 32 minute 36 second phonecall.

Preregistration for the newbies begins today at 12pm kudos to IP! I extra ready for the road come 2012! 



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