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My mother's FAVORITE song of ALL TIME was Frenchman, origanally sang by TAXI.  With this remix for 2012, I know that Trinidad and Tobago 2012 will be EPIC!!!!!
I thought I'd share.  This was emailed to me yesterday.

SOKI SOKI  v2012 - TEJAY feat. AYANA JOHN  Written by Robin Imamshah of legendary Trinidad & Tobago band Taxi and originally released in 1990, this remake of ‘Soki Soki’ was produced by De Red Boyz and performed by the exciting young duo of Tejay Montague and Ayana John. Here is what Red Boyz co-producer and drummer Mikey Hulsmeier had to say about the remake:
"How this came about is that we (Red Boyz Band) were rehearsing at home for a fundraising show in Trinidad a little while back. Cathy Ella, the original singer of the song, was slated to perform so we ran the tune and I thought ’Wow what a great track’. I always loved the song but hadn't heard it in years. I thought it was really progressive when it was first released,it sounded different to everything else.When we were done rehearsing I said to Scott [Galt, the other half of De Red Boyz], ‘Man, we should remake this song’.”
“Cathy had another gig on the night of the fundraiser in Trinidad and was unable  to perform the song with the band. On their return home Hulsmeier and Galt made contact with her.
“She immediately gave us her blessing,” recalled Hulsmeier,  “she put us in contact with writer Robin Imamshah and he loved the idea of a remake. He made a few tweaks to the lyrics and off we went in search of singers.
“We wanted to work with two relatively new artistes and made the choice of Tejay and Ayana. We asked Ayana to create a new section which she could 'DJ' to add a different spin,” he explained.
The duo felt it was imperative to maintain contact with Imamshah throughout the entire process: “It was really important to us that he was happy with what we were doing. His support has been a real inspiration. That guy has some knowledge man!”
To De Red Boyz family and lovers of Caribbean music across the globe, Hulsmeier added:“We had great fun doing this project and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it".
Plans for a video and also a J’ouvert mix with plenty steel and brass are also in progress.



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