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I always start be honest and you are probably thinking that it's corny but TO BE HONEST, I think that the results for Band of the Year was pure shit.  Of 24 mas bands only 8 are listed?  I am not in the least bit sour because my band of choice isn't even ON the blasted list lol.  But what about the other bands that did care?  It's a shame what these people are doing and its even more of a shame that they are letting it be done TO them.  On a positive note though, BIG UP to the Miami-Broward Carnival Association for bringing back THE BLASTED STAGE!!!!!  Sounds like I need to do a complete post on my Miami Carnival experience.  Anywho, the following was posted on the  Miami Carnival Facebook Page not even on their OFFICAL website SMH

Adalia Mas
Island Gems Mas
Wassi Ones
Xtasy Mas
DJ Victorious
DJ Crown Prince
DJ DeeInspekta
DJ Eternal Vibes
DJ iChunes
DJ Barrie Hype
Natural Freaks (the band and the DJ's)
Allyuh done know allyuh large an in charge.  You guys were not even acknowledged for being on the road.  I know this list is not complete and I apologize but I'm going off the top of my head.  Feel free to add if you wish!



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