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What I have experienced of The Miami Carnival was nothing short of AH-FRICKIN-MAZING!!!!! The carnival started and finished with us all havin a TIME! Its no secret I played with Wassi One's and although the music wasn't the BEST of the BEST, it had us entertained and I enjoyed it!  There wasn't too much ah jumpin up and down, there was a nice mixture of  'power' soca, groovy soca, reggae and reggaetone.  Wassi and her loyal masqueraders are accustomed to being the last or next to last band to cross the stage, so her DJ's understand that they will be playing music for least 12 hours. If you were to have all the jumpup 'power' soca for all that time NOBODY in the band would have been able to stand up far more dance til we reach and cross the stage.  I believe that was the result that most were going for lol.  The food was basic but tasty, I enjoyed that as well.

I am not going to sit here and pretend that I'm giving a 'review' of any band just saying that Wassi's band was boss, we the Wassi masqueraders loved the time we had with our band, the food we were given and the liquor we consumed.

Loving the fact that Miami carnival or should I say Miami-Broward Carnival still has a blasted STAGE for us to cross *with the exception of last year nonetheless a stage *hinting to Boo York.  Boo York because I fine they need to step it up and build a stage with all the money being generated in the blasted city from their carnival.

Have you heard about the fighting *again within Natural Freaks' band? Or the woman who shit dong the police car while other officers looked at her and laughed at the officer using the car?!?!  Well yes, New Yorkers juss dont care! I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go lol.  Sources reported that the liquor finished really quick and the food even faster.  I know both my sources and know that they are telling the truth about that BUT, Natural Freaks is really good as far as DJ's or 'sets' go and hello, they're from New York.  Who DIDN'T want to take a jump in the band?  I think they had enough food and liquor for who they had registered to play within their band and maybe extras for those who slip through the cracks but I also think to make sure food and liquor last for a substantial amount of time on the road, masqueraders need to stop feeding and help drunken non paying masqueraders! Period.  For every 1 masquerader that registers in Natural Freaks' band there are about 5 that know that 1 person and is expecting the food AND drink that they're getting. All these bands have that same problem of paying masqueraders 'hooking up' their non paying masquerader friends but when it gets to the point that not even masqueraders are getting food or drink, we have a problem.

Loving that I am still on the road, in the band and crossing the stage at 11pm at night and Im praying to the 'carnival God's' that this NEVER changes!  Okay, enough rambling. Later guys, finally going to hit the sack. YES at THIS HOUR OF THE MORNING!



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