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Imagine the horror when I got a bbm that there was a fire in Laventille Tuesday.  My mind started to run on every Laventille but the one it actually happened in.  There's the Laventille Road in San Juan (where I'm from), the Laventille in Town then the Laventille in between the two, so to speak in Trou Macaque.

The fire allegedly started with two brothers having an argument. Unfortunately for all living in the building, the argument ended with one brother 'throwing a bomb' into the apartment which not only lit the apartment on fire but burned neighboring apartments.  It has been reported that it was 'deliberately set' by this man and what he threw into the apartment was a Molotov cocktail.  Imagine, just before the Christmas, it has people and children with no gifts, homes and for some, lives!  Yes,  lives. Four people confirmed and an alleged unborn baby did not survive the fire and its F*CKED up that the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) is NOW looking into the structure of these buildings only because Kamla said to.  THIS one isn't Kamla's fault cause those buildings been there before she was placed in office, so Kudos to her for acting in a timely and appropriate manner.  SMH because people had to jump out of the building to their death because they were built with NO fire escapes. Its a shame!  A DAMN SHAME because I KNOW sorry can in no way compensate for a lost one.  Not even the schupid 3 months rent free they giving people.

HERE (from the Caribbean 360)
AND HERE (from The Trinidad Express)
Say a prayer for those who have lost their homes and lives.
Say a prayer for the ones who are helping those in need.
Say a prayer that people learn, violence doesn't pay.
I will be praying for all affected.

I apologize for the language 
but some things just hit home



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