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DJ Private Ryan tweeted yesterday that he'd be dropping a CD today. I'm waiting patiently and I'm checking his podcast like crazy.  His podcast can be found to the right side of this blog under 'My Favorite Links' or click HERE!  It's in your best interest to link it and if its not uploaded REFRESH!

Although it is not being reflected on their website ISLANDpeople Mas has announced yesterday that their Azula Male chapter is now sold out along with Element's backline.  I'm amazed because I'm not really a fan of that chapter and I think there are better within the band.  LIKE THE CHAPTER I'M IN! LOL To date, there are many rumors on what Monday wear will be but none of them appear to be true. *winks*

These people are really playing hard ball and are sticking to their guns.  The people say NO ONE will be allowed to take close up shots of their costumes and NO ONE has.  Well, not exactly, no one has  leaked any closeups. Yet. LOL All the secrecy surrounding these closeups anyone know why? They did however give a 2012 teaser that was a closeup................sort of
(Looks like green or is it blue)?

This is shaping up to be a great carnival indeed overpriced fetes and all. Wait nah, anyone ever hear from SPICE? Just asking *winks.



  1. I am soooooo READY! Playin wid OYA... which chapter are you in?



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