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Ladies have you heard? 
South Florida's newest and sexiest ladies night is TRIO 

Trio defined as a musical composition of three or more instruments in group of 3 is a whole new way to party ladies. 

Trio starts on Saturday February 18th and every third Saturday after. 

Trio is where ladies in groups of 3 are in FREE all night.

Trio where all ladies drink FREE till 12:33

Trio where when it's YOUR bday you and all your friends are in for FREE and get a FREE bottle of Champaigne.

Trio where there is always FREE safe, secure, parking at Miami's newest hot spot The Coca Bar located at 7250 NW 11th street Miami by Miami International Airport 20 minutes from anywhere!

You have to see this place, two floors music 4 VIP rooms, state of the art lighting and Sound system

Your musical all-star lineup for the night is 
From uptown Jamaica
 Renaissance Disco 

Christuff the mad yute 
Marvelous Music and Eccentrix sounds

Fellas we didn’t forget about you! We have the best drink prices in South Florida featuring $80 bottles all night.

But please remember fellas dress to impress because the ladies will be at TRIO.

For more information log on to: or

or call 

954 297 9330 
954 709 0112  
754 204 3753 
954 305 0997 

954 610 6732

 noun, plural tri·os.

1. A musical composition for three voices or instruments.
2. A company of three singers or players.

3. Any group of three persons or things.

4. A subordinate division of a minuet, scherzo, March, etc., usually in a contrasted key and style (perhaps originally written for three instruments or in three parts).

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