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I watched the Soca Monarch semis online last night and it was on point. There were some performers that just had NO business being on the stage semis or or not.  It did give me just the right fix I needed because this carnival has really gotten to me.  I mean, I know that carnival is bacchanal and we each, YES, WE EACH love our little bacchanal but this carnival 2012 is just full of it.

We had a little insight on certain bands and it was fun in the beginning to hear all what was going on and all but then it started to become ugly. VERY UGLY.  People of certain bands were outright being disrespectful and disrespected and really? That's what carnival has become now? If you have a love for carnival, show your love. Why must you try to degrade another human being just for their loves or loyalties to another band than your own?  I for one love ISLANDpeople Mas and I would never dare try to strip someone else to shreds because they playing in another band that isn't IP.  I wouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior either.  We by nature as human beings have inquiring minds and love to be in the know but at what cost?  Do you as a band leader have the right to lamblast masqueraders opinions just because it differs from yours? Is it okay because you name band leader? The whole copycat war between designers, is this all necessary? Isn't there a time and a place for that?  Why have your business in the streets? Why announce dirty laundry on social networks for all of John Public to see and read.  The way I knew it, when my Dad used to make mas, there was a bond. A loyalty. A trust.  It seems as these days people have lost sight of all that and are just looking to make a quick buck and aren't really looking at the masqueraders that have been paying the price for swollen egos and false pride.  At the end of the day, ITS A BRA, A PANTY, SOME BEADS AND SOME FEATHERS and by the looks of it, less and less of it as the years go by.  Back in the day, when a band was in a crisis, others came in to help, now........people watch an pray the band fail. We as a people need to stop the crap. Sit back and check ourselves.  Let the mas speak for itself and realize that YES, people can agree to disagree on just about EVERYTHING! It's your God given right.  Lets stop being so infantile about the whole situation be a man/woman about yours!!!  If you have a problem whether good, bad or ugly the whole carnival nation doesn't have to know about it. Handle it behind closed doors without all the drama.  Most of the problems believe it or not, stem from respect or lack of it.  Stop sucking the life out of it. Damn! At this rate carnival will go from being outstanding to out standing in the cold....... I'm rambling I know, but it was heavy on my heart and just thought I should let it go.  So much for talking about Soca Monarch semis.

I have no intent on fixing spelling, grammatical errors or anything.  I'm posting just like this. I don't care just like most haven't cared lately.

Question:  You think you're in the hottest and sexiest of bands and have been talking shit for months. What would you do if you don't even have a bead to swing on carnival Monday?  Would you cry? Should someone feel sorry for you? Or would you have done things differently?  Said things differently? Been a little more careful with your words maybe?  There is a huge difference between loving and defending your costume/band and another to be arrogant, disrespectful and distasteful.  Learn the difference.




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