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I don't know how to word this without wording it but I will try.

I got a very disturbing phone call yesterday.....
It isn't alleged but a FACT that a VERY popular band for 2012 is in quite a ticklish situation.  Normally I would be in my glee because representatives from this band behaved rather hoggish and boastful. They've rubbed me the wrong way from inception.  The people that be, (whether its administration, owners or investors) will at the end of the day have a payday and its the masqueraders who will in turn suffer.  My thing is, be real with people from day one so they will know what to expect because everything and I do mean EVERYTHING you do in the dark has a way of coming into light.

This band had investors fly into China some weeks ago to pay for their last set of materials and when the investors saw what was ready for purchase, DECLINED TO PAY.  YES, they said to the manufacturers in China that they WOULD NOT PAY for the material and left. Not that they didn't have the money to pay or anything but their reasoning was that the material set for purchase were not the same color, shape or quality of that shown at the band launch and have decided to pulled out of production as late as DECEMBER. Because of the nonpayment, the items weren't shipped and since then, China has basically 'shut down' in observance of The Chinese New Year: 2012.  As of today, everything has been sorted out financially with China but will it workout for the popular bands masqueraders?  The expected date of delivery is carnival Saturday, YES, TWO DAYS BEFORE CARNIVAL MONDAY!!!!!

How will this band manage?  When and where will costume distribution start or end? At this point, my prayers are with them and hope they can pull a magic trick out their ass cause this happened to me once in DC.  It was for DC carnival 2010.  I registered to play in a band that put their complete faith in a company based in China.  When the time was drawing near communication was poor due to the language barrier and the tracking numbers were valid but weren't legible because they were in Chinese. Ultimately they went from being the 2009 medium/small band of the year to the band that got their costumes 5 days after carnival in 2010.  Little DC's band had a measly 4 sections. This band is massive! I wish (for the masqueraders sake) this all works out cause I'm not seeing a positive side and a very unhappy ending.

*Just know, all that glitters isn't gold and not everything is what it appears to be.  Bacchanal go BUSS!!!! 



  1. Terrible! This is the reason I hesitate to take advantage of the "pay in full early for easy costume collection."

  2. I've told my friends time and again "Hype does not a good band make." I learned that the hard way and by watching others. That's why I'm not ruled soley by hype; if I'm feeling the mas then that's enough for me.
    To heck with the crowd and bandwagonism.

    I hope everything works out for those masqueraders because that situation now is not right at all.



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