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(Bejeweled Blitz)

Last night YUMAns were in their glee! YUMA finally unveiled some of their newly arrived bras!  New as in delivered yesterday MORNING! As far as sneak peeks go bands usually show costumes for the ladies but YUMA had a little something for the men as well.  I've got to hand it to YUMA, they did what they had to and seem to be pulling through fairly well.  I'm happy for them and I hope the YUMAns are happy at the end of the day because in the end, what we all want is a stress free carnival Monday and Tuesday! No worries, kickass costumes, liquor fuh so and excellent vibes on the road.  I also have to say that I give them kudos to this communication they've been having the past couple weeks on facebook.  They have done a bow face on that. Its still not a wall open to the public but the interaction and the hype they're creating to and for their masqueraders even has ME excited and I'm no YUMAn. I stole those 2 pictures from their facebook wall, I guess the exact thing they wanted to avoid lol but hey, it's the world wide web right?!  There are only two shown here but click HERE to see their sneak peek 'gallery'.



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