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Well there was a bra posted on Saucy's facebook page of one of YUMA's bras. Rumor has it that that entire section was given bras like that and that is how the bra was supposed to be.  Pictured below is the bra.  I never really kept track of YUMA's costumes to even know what section it is but I hope to God that this was just the bra of this ONE individual and that major muckup gets rectified. 
(this pic was taken from Trinidad Carnival Diary's Facebook Wall)

Now we have Fantasy, it is rumored that Fantasy has contacted their female masqueraders and advised them that their panties would be mailed to them.  They haven't received their panties YET! O_0  

As for my favorite of the bands, yes, ISLANDpeople.  Rumor has it that ISLANDpeople have yet to receive Monday wear.  Mum has been the word on it and it has left masqueraders believing that the rumors are in fact true.  The rumor is that there IS NO Monday wear and they are stalling.  That would explain the late costume distribution.  I have been in touch with the camp and they have confirmed the colors and type of wear so.............................idk.

I don't know how true any of this is, but what I do know is there is a picture of this ONE bra from a dissatisfied YUMA customer and a lot of talk around TRIBE's costumes not being up to par, ISLANDpeople not having Monday wear, Fantasy not having pieces of their their female costumes and the list goes on.  Its to the point that I don't care anymore and at the end of the day, I hope everyone gets through with what they have to get through with because people money have been spent.  Good luck!



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