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While reading, I couldn't help it, I had to not only add my opinion but add my $0.02 about all the hooplah surrounding Beyonce and her 'crazy' announcement of going back to work starting Memorial weekend.

First things first.  Baby Blue Ivy Carter was born on the 7th of January, 2012.  Now correct me if I'm wrong but don't MOST mothers get 3-6 months maternity leave?  I am just your regular Jane Doe (so to speak) and I've gotten my normal 12 weeks of maternity and requested extra time because I wanted to go back to work when I saw fit and what was comfortable for myself and family.  I however, through all 4 children worked at a bank and as a correction officer.  There was NO one waiting to take my spot.  There was no one that was on my heels to take any 'shine' as there was none to take!

Beyonce Knowles, Carter, Sasha Fierce. or whatever name she is going by today is probably the leading lady in R&B right now and the way she lives is costly and to pay for what she's accustomed to SHE HAS TO WORK because she IS in a position that she can lose.  Her spot can be taken with a blink of an eye.  There is always some one out there ready and willing to take that shine.  Right on her heels is Rihanna, who has not only the R&B crowd but seems like she has the loyalty of the entire Caribbean as well.  Its a competitive business that she's in and I think the wisest decision she could have made would have been to go back to work and to not take her success for granted.

According to The New York Post Jay-Z has been working on a $150 million deal with Live Nation for a Beyonce comeback tour.  I don't know about you.........but  that's some inspiration like a mutha....wouldn't YOU go back?  Everyone has their price and that sounds like mine LOL.

Beyonce has set the dates for her post-baby performances.  They will take place over Memorial Day weekend during a trio concert at the Revel resort in Atlantic City.  Tickets for the shows go on sale starting April 6th and she will be performing May 25th, 26th and the 27th.  I'd love to see the prices they're calling for those!

Side note *she had Blue Ivy just 10 weeks ago and her body looks AH-FRICKIN-MAZING!!!!!  Just goes to show, whether you work in a job as common as a bank, a prison or as elaborate a job as what Beyonce does (can't narrow her job down cause she does it all) at the end of the day, she is a woman, doing what she gotta do!  Don't we all?  She's no different to any other superwoman!  Kudos.



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