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Maybe I should stop checking my email, cause when I do, I find dumb ass stories like this!

When do we say enough is enough?  I mean, this girl has been through enough and its to the point now where even her mesh looking sweater is a problem.  I get it and I borderline understand where some of these 'critics' are going with this but at the end of the day, Rihanna is a grown ass woman and they're doing as if SHE birthed all those children that are 'looking up to her'.  What they need to understand is that role models aren't found in superstars or people you see on television but the same women they're probably cursing out and disrespecting AT HOME.  Their mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters, etc.  I wished people would stop blaming and pointing fingers at all the wrong people.  Rihanna is LIVING HER LIFE and has the money to do it in any way she chooses.  Sure, covering up a little more would be more tasteful but SHE DIDN'T, GET OVER IT!  If people don't like what she is wearing, simply don't look! I found this yesterday, to see the article for yourself click HERE.

I'm wondering if all this negative publicity she is getting now is because of her on again off again reconciliation with Chris Brown?   Could that be it?  That's another can of worms that I won't even get into right now but as for the girl clothes, they need to hop off her *@^$!  Half ah dem mad they can't pull off half the things that Bajan girl can.  Talk done!  



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