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You know how the saying goes, history repeats itself... but does it have to repeat itself so soon?  Look at these two costumes.
 (Explosion! Carnival's 2012 Phoenix)
(SummerCrew's 2012 Phoenix)

I am fed up of seeing the same costumes, the same color combinations, the same names, the same themes and oh gawd ah fed up ah the friggin WINGS!!! We get it, Saucy asked for wings for 2012 but OMG she didn't ask to be killed with them did she? LOL. Every band, every color, every shape. Give me a break! Can we move on? They have me feeling like Benjai, ah fed up ah de same thing, OVER AN OVER!!!



  1. You sure its not a reflection of a mirror. Lmao

  2. This will continue to happen because bandleaders feel pressure to keep up Trinidad quality work for lower prices than what you charge in Trini. Instead of taking the time and effort to LEARN the artform, its cheaper and easy to buy a costume previously used by a Trini Band and use it on the road. You see it in carnivals all over the US. Why should Grens not join the fray LOL



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