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  Join KEC at TWO locations
Oakland Park
Saturday, April 14th and

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park

 Saturday, April 21st

more information below...

Sand Pine Preserve Restoration Projecton April 14th from 9:00 am to 12:00pm the City Commission read will read an Earth Day Proclamation and take photos from 8:30 am to 9:00 am. Light snacks and refreshments will also be served at that time. Sand Pine Preserve  is located at 2820 NW 27th Ave Oakland Park, FL 33311 

Facts about Lakeside Sand Pine Preserve: 
The Lakeside Sand Pine Preserve is a 5.6 acre remnant sand pine scrub. Grants from the Florida Communities Trust Preservation 2000 Program and Broward County's 2000 Safe parks & Land Preservation Challenge program, as well as financial commitments from the City of Oakland Park will insure that this scrub site will continue to exist for the enjoyment of the public.  This ecosystem was formed tens of thousands of years ago from sands that were deposited on coastal dunes.  Thousands of acres of S. Florida once looked like this, but because these lands are high and dry they were some of the first areas to be developed. The acidic sands of this scrub are fast draining, and this harsh environment supports unique flora and fauna.  Over 75 plant species can be found at this preserve, many endemic to only this ecosystem.  In the absence of prescribed burns city staff and volunteers do the next best thing which is mechanically removing the overly dense growth of the sand pine scrub. This is done so that the so that the sand pine scrub does not change into a scrub oak hammock.  The Preserve was approved as a "Waif Tortoise Adoption Site", and in early December 2011, staff adopted 4 gopher tortoises.  They are currently penned in a small section of the preserve to acclimate them to their new home.  The tortoises have built burrows.  Inactive burrows become homes for many other species including the endangered Florida mouse, indigo snake and burrowing owls, thus increasing the biodiversity at the preserve.  The city horticulturist Charles Livio has been caring for the tortoises since early December, by checking on them and feeding then and filling their water trays 3 times a week.   The tortoises are vegetarians and their current diet consists of produce from the grocery store and native vegetation found at the preserve.  We hope to remove the fence in early April, and then the tortoises will have the whole preserve to roam. 

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park
Make Earth Day, every day!
You're invited to a party with a purpose.
An Earth Day party Saturday, April 21 10:00am until 5:00pm

This all-day extravaganza offers engaging activities that celebrate the values of sustainability, community and fun! The festivities include:

  • Sea oat planting and dune restoration
  • A variety of organic and vegan food
  • Ecologically-focused workshops
  • Activities for Kids and Adults all day
  • Volunteer opportunities -- Sea turtle rescue and more
  • Free giveaway of 100 native trees
  • Live entertainment - featuring Teri Catlin, the Didgeridoo Band, and a sunset Drum Circle
  • Educational displays by local sustainable businesses and organizations
  • Free water saving Shower head Exchange

Thank you for taking the time to Make a Difference!  




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