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So, I have heard it right the first time but what I heard may now change.  One of the Trinidadian designers that were to design for my band may not be designing for them any longer.  There have been some rumors circulating that costume designs were not ready and the band couldn't get their designs together and in a way, that rumor was true.  True because who we believed to be the definite designers for the band, are not.    

The headcount (for now) would be a Japanese designer out of New York, a familiar Trinidadian hero a religious Christian an who boi? I just hope my designer doesn't over exert him or herself by designing for 3 bands *or was it 3 sections? Hmm, only time will tell.  It seems to be late in the game for all these changes but this band pulled off an entire costume revamp later in the game than this so a couple designer changes shouldn't be that hard to bounce back from. No?

Now for this band launch date! 



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