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I was only given the liberty to hint about it but was not allowed to give the name.  There's a new band coming out and they are launching the night before YUMA, something I was made to believe they decided upon as doing in contrast to YUMA. As they've said, they're bringing something 'different' to the bikini and beads. They are a team who have come together from a number of bands, *yet not a breakaway band.  There's an enormous amount of experience in both costume production and fete management, so people should expect really good things.  This is a launch I will be in Trinidad for as well. Woo hoo, yay me!  Great thing *for me* about this band is that they fall in a GREAT time cause this means I now get to go to ALL THREE of the band launches that I was interested in going to now.

So, Fantasy and YUMA will be coming strong for next year contrary to some belief *I wouldn't  even say popular*.  It also goes to show that not because you don't have an active Facebook page *either by deletion or just never interested in having one, that you are out of the 2013 carnival loop.  Can't wait!!!



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