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Saturday night was the band launch of Euphoria Mas (Miami). I will not get into the fact that it was also the band launch of TRIBE. I had the pleasure of conducting an 'interview' with Mr 'Ravi Rav' who happens to be the Executive Board member of the band.  I tried to think of basic questions that any typical masquerader would ask but with this extremely witty and charismatic individual, being serious was extremely hard. Questions asked were.
  • How many sections are there within the band?
There are SIX sections presented here tonight and we have a Mystery section for the road.
  • What is the price range of the six sections? 
Females start at $170 *backline.  Prices can/may go up once extra pieces are ordered ie bigger head piece, wire bra, back pack, etc.
  • What was the inspiration behind Karma? What made Euphoria come up with Karma?
"What goes around comes around." We thought it was a great way to portray our bacchanal and party spirit. Most concepts are over used in this industry while Euphoria remains fresh with a cutting edge.
  • What are the names of the sections?
The Insidious whisper of the bad angel, who acts in an evil way to carry out something with no intentions of the outcome being good. Characterized by treachery and deceit; lest we forget, what goes around, comes around....
It has always been seen as transcendence, pure, the triumphant of spirit over the flesh.  It is new, leaving behind the previous life and we must have a spiritual Rebirth in order to be redeemed by God the Spirit.

In Spiritism, karma is known as "the law of cause and effect", and plays a central role in determining how one's life should be lived. Spirits are encouraged to choose how and when to suffer retribution for the wrong they did in previous lives before being born to a new life.
The Violet Flame is charged with the light of divine freedom. It is used to burn off karma from other lifetimes on all levels.  It refines our nature so that our judgment is clear and we are able not only to see what is true, but to express ourselves with understanding and beauty.
Blue is the color of truth, serenity, harmony and Tranquility, by helping to soothe the mind. It is good for cooling, calming, reconstructing and protecting.

Culturally, green has broad and sometimes contradictory meanings. In some cultures, green symbolizes hope and growth, while in others, it is associated with death, sickness, or Envy. For whatsoever a man soweth,
that shall he also reap.

  • It appears like you have a section dedicated to Breast Cancer again, is there anything we should know about that?  Does any of the money go to a particular foundation?
Yes.  We are working with various charities and haven't gotten this information locked down as of yet. As soon we have everything finalized we will release that information on the website and I will forward it over to you.
  • Who designed your sections?
We have a designer out of Toronto who designs for many of the top bands around the world. His name is Ross, we like to keep Caribbean talent and inspiration in this industry, Caribbean. You want a good costume go to an 'Islander' or 'South American', you want a good gas friendly car go to China. I'm just sayin'.
  • With that being said, where are your costumes made? I'm seeing many band leaders having costumes made in China, is that also the case with Euphoria? I know what you just said, but I have to ask.
That's not a problem, I good! A portion of the 'mas' is made in Toronto and the rest is done here by the Euphoria committee members within the mas camp.
  • When can we expect to see an updated website running and ready for registrations?
Euphoria Mas' website is always up and running. The website should be fully functional for our 2012 registrations by tomorrow. I am responsible for the website, so tell me if you like or love it when you go home to register LOL The website is and there are 3 simple steps to register.
  • Tell me, how much influence is there from Trini Mafia in Euphoria Mas? I'm asking because I see the heavy support from the Trini Mafia family down here.
Well the crew is actually a bunch of our personal friends. Funny story, they've all played with all the other top bands in Miami. We approached them to play in Broward Carnival a few years back. They said the moment Euphoria switched to Miami they would come play with us. Just so happened, that year both the Broward and Miami Carnivals joined and the rest is history. These guys an gals know this community well and supports all cultural events its a no brainer that they are appreciated society leaders and play with Euphoria!!
  • Is this an all inclusive band?
All inclusive as in Premium full liquor bar, yes. All inclusive, all day long!!! Drinks, Breakfast and Lunch on the road (probably in that order).
  • What can we expect from Euphoria Mas on the road? From how you answered the last question I see liquor will be a TOP priority lol. But I mean like perks, amenities, maybe bathroom on the road, etc.
We have some surprises like I said before with the mystery section and a couple of other things I can not yet reveal. We have approached a rap star or two who expressed an interest in playing mas with us.  Last year we also shot not 1 but 2 music videos on our truck (reggaeton and soca), you will have to come play mas with us to find out.
  • Maybe I'm asking answers but who will be the DJ or DJ's on the road with Euphoria Mas?
TP Sounds *who placed as best local DJ on de road 2011
DJ Ryan Sayeed
Milo Mile (New York)
Kelz D Mad Man (MC)
Dj Sinstar (GemStone)
  • Are there individual options for any of the sections?
Yes yes yes, we will have individual options for every section, contact us for special request.

  • Where is the mas camp located?
North Lauderdale, Florida. If that is too far for some, the Internet will be up by the time they wake up from tonights festivities or they're eating their Sunday lunch.
  • What would you like EVERYONE reading this blog on Monday to know about your band?
Euphoria's Mission statement: To enhance each masquerader experience one wine at a time.
Euphoria prides ourselves on quality and experience of our revellers. We encourage feedback and inspire bright young minds on our staff. Cassie and Mariano Sealy have based this band on family and friends. If you like diversity and beautiful people this is your band. Come and see why we have grown and tripled in size over the past few years. Miami is looking for the next trend and more bang for their buck, we are it. We are Miami, the beauty the colors the music and the Mas........

With that said, I gave him a hug and exited backstage on the left.  

*I'm not a professional at 'critiquing mas costumes' by what material looks good together or proper placement of beads or headpieces. I've also never professed to be one. What I am an expert in is what I can see myself in, what I like, dislike and love. I know........I feel what I can jump, prance, drop on the ground and roll repeatedly in. My personal favorite for the second year in a row is the section dedicated to Cancer awareness.  For the same reasons as last year, I just love the idea of it and the fact that proceeds go to a greater good has me sold. The way it was designed this year, I liked better than last with the additional shoulder side pieces, hanging beads and wider/bigger headpiece. As for the rest of costumes, I think Euphoria stepped it up this year. There was more of a thought process and looks closer to theme. A pet peeve of mine is to see a bands theme on a banner but not see it portrayed in costume. That has become a problem with these bikini, bead and feather bands. I can see how the Violet Flame's yellow represents the 'flare', just like I can see how the horns 'fit' in Envy and so on. There is no costume within the band that I don't like but if one just had to be chosen I'd say Tranquility (the blue). Only because there is just so much of it and blue just doesn't POP on a completion as dark as mine.  Overall, I don't see Euphoria having any problem selling out quickly with their pretty costumes, updated website and their registration process starting almost immediately after their band launch. Costume prices are right for the recession, the DJ's are great and the band has reportedly NEVER run out of drinks. Sounds like Euphoria Mas is good to go!!!  

Pictures from the launch will be up shortly on Island Gems' website. 
Keep checking!



  1. Great costumes! Can't wait for Mia carnival!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. DEFINITELY one of the most professional bands I have DJed for. And from my experience with them.......the food and drinks NEVER run out!! Its stated correctly in the interview.....and rare to find for a Carnival band!

    Come tief a wine in October!

  4. Feels like October is too far, lol Can't wait.

  5. Best band I have ever played with very professional and there are always great costumes and plenty of drinks.

  6. I am making the switch to Euphoria. Its really the next level of Miami Canival. Plus all my girls are making the switch. I love the band and the people. Keep it up.



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