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ISLANDpeople Mas Rebrands

Island People’s theme for Carnival 2013, Rehumanise, is also a campaign designed to rebrand the popular mas and events company. Over the next year, Island People will roll out several events and concepts around the theme which is aimed at encouraging more face to face interaction rather than conversations on a cell phone. “With all the speculation that the world will end in December, we are saying what happens when we wake up in the New Year to realise that nothing happened? People have lost the essence of human interaction so in 2013 let’s restart, let’s re-ignite the basics of humanity,” said Colin Greaves, the newly appointed General Manager of Island People Mas. Greaves, the former IP Communications Manager, told Metro exclusively that the company has already begun to implement the concept through various events such as a house lime at which random people were invited to hang out and meet new people, and the Victory Games at which IP invited the girls from their chosen charity, Angels on Earth, to enjoy the day’s activities.

The organisation will launch a series of merchandise inscribed with the words Put Down Your BB and Wine as part of the concept. The theme will also extend to the service IP Mas extends to its customers, said Greaves. “People will see a new level of organisation. The band launch will be followed by the website launch and the opening of the mas camp.
Masqueraders wouldn’t have to wait as before,” he said. Greaves said they also plan to introduce Customer Service Reps to offer masqueraders a more individualised service. After Carnival 2012 when IP was forced to redesign many of their costumes following a public outcry against the original designs, there was a lot of internal reflection in the company. The rebranding exercise was as a result of this introspection as was Greaves appointment. “The management structure has changed to make everything more efficient to allow for faster decisions,” he said. As for 2013 costumes, Greaves said the design team has held critiquing sessions where some masqueraders were invited to attend. He said over 18 costumes have been critiqued and that number will be whittled down to about 10 to 11 before the official band launch on August 17. A new concept for the launch will be revealed next week. Greaves said the company’s intention is to show masqueraders that they really do care about them and he intends to continue the initiatives that reflect this such as the Fit to Play workout on Chancellor Hill in the weeks prior to Carnival and the rest stop at the Oval on Carnival Mondays and Tuesdays. “My aim is to continue doing these things and fix the things that need fixing such as costume collection. We are working to make that quicker and faster.”

Who is Colin Greaves?
Greaves, 24, has been working at IP since 1999 as an intern under Communications Manager Penny Gomez. He also interned as an assistant to IP founder Derrick Lewis but when Gomez left to take up a marketing job at Digicel, Greaves assumed the communications post. Born in February, Greaves describes himself as a culture baby. His parents owned the band Showcase and he grew up in their mas camp, spending his evenings after school among the mas creations. His parents, Peter and Marilyn Greaves, were very influential in making sure he and his sister knew every aspect of local culture regardless of origin. An avid pannist, Greaves held the role of Public Relations Officer for Invaders and today plays with BP Renegades.  He has also judged everything in Carnival from traditional mas to the King and Queen of Carnival competitions. Greaves is currently completing his double BA in Carnival Studies and Communications at the University of the West Indies and though holds the title of GM, is still in charge of the Communications portfolio for IP.

*article taken from Metro's Online Magazine



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