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The latest rumor in the Miami Carnival world was that Carnival Nationz Miami was considering cancelling their Empires Band launch this weekend and looks like the rumor is true. This was sent via email AND is posted on their Facebook Page.  Some believe it had EVERYTHING to do with the other band launch scheduled for that night (which would be Euphoria Mas). I'm hoping that THAT is also a rumor because my sources tell me it's rescheduled for some time in August and if the scheduling conflict actually was the cause of the cancellation, they will ALWAYS have that problem.

I just hope that the day in August that they decide upon isn't the same day that Wassi Ones decides to do their launch!!!! *As of now, all we know about Carnival Nationz Miami and Wassi Ones is that they're both scheduled to launch some time in August.

Due to an overwhelming response we have decided to relocate and reschedule our much anticipated launch of Empires. Please stay tuned for information regarding the new date and location via email blasts, our Facebook page – Carnival Nationz Miami – and Twitter. We apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to seeing you when we launch EMPIRES Nationz Miami Style.



  1. Euphoria Mas Band Launch is the same night! Truck Stop is going to be crazy everyone I know is going out there. I can't wait, its going to be madness!!!

  2. I am actually glad that they changed. Regardless of their reasons lol. Euphoria that night and i think earlier in the day is Ascension mas. It would have surely been a difficult choice!!



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