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There was a situation over the weekend that saddened a friend of mine Onya West. She is a co founder of SocaMotion and this was the email she sent to me on Friday night/Saturday morning. 
"We had an incident this morning/late night of racist comments used by Lifebooker in their online marketing of Socamotion classes to new clients. After offering "$7 Socamotion dance fitness classes" they used the tag line ~
'Shake what Aunt Jemima gave ya." 
Lifebooker called this morning to explain that they were referring to the fattening pancake syrup that you would shake off to lose weight but the reference is tenuous and still offensive for a marketing company that has represented Socamotion twice before yet still fails to understand the brand. They have changed the offensive wording on their website to something that is much better, but it already has been sent to their thousands of followers. 
Read the post on Macafouchette for full details and I will keep you posted as things develop ~"



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