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Former members of Fun Generation Mas Band of South Florida 
Jenny Auxilly and Gayelle Felix 
are now the founders/designers of the new
“Mas Exquisite”

Jenny Auxilly, born and raised in Brooklyn New York has always possessed a passion for fashion and design. “At a young age, I realize I had a gift, but wasn’t sure which direction to pursue it.  With my family being of a Haitian decent, my teenage years were very structured. As a young adult moving to South Florida and being exposed to several different cultures, I noticed my hobbies and interest started to veer in a different direction. I decided to focus my attention towards carnival production. I have produced several designs and sections for Fun Generation in the past and have won the “Queen of Carnival” title for two consecutive years while with the band in 2009 and 2010 for Miami/Broward one Carnival. With this experience I have decided to challenge my own capabilities while enjoying what I do best…."

Gayelle Felix, on Gayelle Felix:  "From since a very young age growing up in Brooklyn NY, I always enjoyed watching masqueraders portray their costumes at the Annual Labor Day Caribbean Carnival. As time passed, the opportunity came to me to assist in the marketing and planning stage with individuals from a successful costume band in South Florida, where I gained experience in costume theme, design and presentation.  In addition, Fun Generation Mas' mission is to not only participate in carnival but to educate the South FL community about the Caribbean culture through the art of carnival. So I had the pleasure of presenting the splendor and beauty of Carnival to individuals that never heard or seen carnival before today. We, the founders and designers Mas Exquisite are looking to share our unique and bold flavor of carnival to the mainstream social events for all to wear and enjoy."



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