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I had the privilege to sit in on Giselle's photo shoot for Wassi Ones was on Wednesday evening. The venue was a secret until about 2 hours before the actual shoot and once we got there, the drinks, laughs and the good times began to roll. I can not speak for anyone but myself but I tend to give Miami and New York a pass on costumes because the carnival can not be compared to that of Trinidad and Tobago and what they lack in costumes, they make up for in party an vibes. WELL, like 2012 everyone has something to prove. I didn't expect to see what I saw and what I saw, I liked. I don't know what I can get in trouble for saying so I wont say any more than that BUT what I will say is Wassi Ones Band is always one of the 'Big Dogs' and seeing that this is her Silver Anniversary, she will be coming HARD!
*I will give more info (or pics) as I am allowed*

Band Launch date is August 18th, check it out below!
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