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So now that Labor Day is over with, everyone is thinking about Miami Carnival and of coarse, Trinidad and Tobago.  Miami Carnival is rumored to have none other but Machel Montano performing in the Sun Life Stadium and is a HUGE part of the reason why they are insisting everyone come INTO the park to watch the 'parade' of bands. They're saying *without saying that they want for EVERYONE to actually pay to see Machel perform.  As for bands, we have bands that are sold out like Generation X and almost sold out Wassi Ones. From the looks of Wassi's Website, you'd think she hasn't sold a costume because the website has yet to be updated to her 2012 presentation but nooooo, there are sections that have completely sold out. Guess when you have it like that, there's no need to advertise huh?!?!  Bands are sold out and almost sold out and then, we have it.  A band launch scheduled for the 9th *which is THIS SUNDAY!!!! Check it out HERE. Its Break-Awae' Kru.  I haven't heard much else from any other band (as being sold out).  What I have heard is that there are band wars going on right now in Miami and things are not looking good. We have band leaders calling around spreading rumors about their rival bands, telling patrons that events have closed/ rained out, etc. The Miami Broward Carnival Committee got wind of it and will be doing some serious damage and going to hit them where it hurts, *in their pockets*.  Kudos to the committee for finally taking a stand for the right group of people.

Then my favorite. Trinidad carnival.  How about there's a band that is so badly off they can not recover. PERIOD. Not only are they broke (which is not too much of an uncommon thing with recession) but have 'stushed' their way right out of every one's heart and pockets. They bit every kind hand that fed them and they can not get credit from ANY WHERE. Trinidad or abroad. They have made enemies with damn near everyone thinking that all things last forever and they'd never need to crawl back and crawling back is precisely what they're doing. As I've done last year, I'm going to pray that band gets it together because it has a FEW people that DID go in and register to play mas but things so bad, they're not sure to get ON THE ROAD!!! I don't know but when you make these costume deposits, aren't they NONREFUNDABLE? I've never payed attention to the 'fine print' because I've ALWAYS been sure to play. What happens to those who've paid their money? My BIGGEST concern is that when people realize what's really going on, they'll want to rush in my band.  We need NO problems where I am, we're good.




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